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What Is AMPS and WATTs?

Electrical terms can be confusing. For instance, your home's energy bill states your usage in kilowatt-hours. On the other hand, when you go to your local store, you'll notice different labels such as 9-watt light bulbs and vacuum cleaners rated...
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What Do l Do If l Have Exposed Electrical Wiring

Exposed wiring is commonly caused by the usual wear and tear or during home renovations. In such projects, the wires are moved around and bent a lot, increasing the chances of the outer jacket getting ripped and exposing the electrical wires...
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When to Upgrade the Lighting in Your Home

When it comes to the aesthetics of your home, you want everything to look perfect. You might be tempted to upgrade the lighting in your home, but is that the right decision? Learning the basics of lighting and when to make the change can help...
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Power Surge vs. Power Outage. Why You Should Consider A Whole Home Surge Protector.

How many electrical devices do you see when you look around your house? There are probably a bunch, especially considering the day and age we live in. In a typical home, you are likely to see computers, phones, laptops, and TVs; you name it....
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Identifying the Different Types of Wires in Your Home

Let's say you're doing a simple DIY electrical project around your house. In this case, you need to know the different types of wire you'll encounter because the additional electrical knowledge will enable you to work safely and efficiently....
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Signs Rodents are Chewing on Your Electrical Wires

Have you ever caught a whiff of burning plastic in your house that you can't explain? Maybe you're noticing that you constantly have to fix wiring around the house. If you see these things, it could be a sign that rodents are chewing on your...
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Blackouts vs. Brownouts

Depending on where you live, you might be susceptible to blackouts or brownouts. While power outages are expected for most in some form (due to weather), others may have to worry about rolling brownouts or blackouts. This situation can cause...
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How Do I Know If I Have Aluminum Wiring?

Many people use aluminum wiring in their homes instead of copper. In the early 1900s, aluminum wiring was a popular alternative to copper wiring. In some cases, it replaced wood-insulated wiring. However, by the 1970s, aluminum became less common...
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The Best Smart Home Devices Right Now

If you are looking to bring your home well into the 21st century, then consider some smart home devices. In this brief article, we will go over some of the best smart home devices to turn your dumb home into a smart one. If you need an...
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How to Replace an Outlet

Your electrical outlets are the gateway to the electrical system. It is thanks to outlets that you can power your appliances, devices, and electronics. If your outlet is faulty, damaged, or outdated, then you might deal with a host of electrical...
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How to Reset a Motion Sensor Light?

For most of us, motion sensor lights are a relatively new luxury in our homes. They are extremely convenient and great for security, but they can also be a bit finicky if they aren't doing their job correctly. Whether your lights refuse to come...
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