Benefits of an Old House Electrical Inspection

Benefits of an Old House Electrical Inspection

If you live in a home built before the 1970s, it is crucial to make sure your electrical system is up to date. Specifically, old wiring systems are more likely to be damaged due to age-related issues and can put your loved ones at risk. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we know that keeping your home safe from electrical hazards is worth the extra effort. As it turns out, the more thorough you are about maintaining your home's electrical system, the safer it will be for your family and belongings. Electricians can update your wiring, helping you to avoid potential code violations.

What Kind of Electrical Issues Should Homeowners Look For?

There are a few things that experts look for when inspecting old electrical wiring systems, including electrical safety risks. Electrical problems can range from easy to fix inconveniences to safety hazards that pose imminent risks. The following are common electrical issues encountered in older houses and commercial buildings:

  • There Aren't Enough Outlets - It is a good idea to add more outlets to your home if you don't have enough. If you have an older home and want to keep it safe from electrical fires, it is vital to make sure that enough outlets are available for all of your devices.
  • You Still Have a Fuse Box - Fuse boxes melt circuits when they are overloaded, meaning that the fuse is replaced each time one "blows." Not only does this create a potential fire hazard, but it can cost homeowners a lot of extra cash long term. Circuit breakers eliminate the danger of fuses and offer more efficient protection against electrical hazards.
  • Evidence of Knob and Tube Wiring - Knob and Tube wiring is an old-fashioned method of wiring houses. This style of electrical wiring is often tricky to install and can cause fires or electric shock. Electricians can replace your old equipment with modern alternatives.
  • The Circuit Breaker Trips All the Time - Circuit breakers are designed to protect against energy surges caused by appliances such as electric dryers, dishwashers, and electric water heaters. When these appliances are used, they can draw thousands of watts of power. If the breaker trips frequently it is likely due to overload. This can indicate that your electrical system is having difficulty keeping up with your modern lifestyle.
  • Aluminum Wiring - Aluminum wire has been a popular choice for decades because it's cheaper and easier to install than copper wiring. However, aluminum wire can cause fires when used close to high-voltage power cables.
  • No Three-Pronged Outlets - If you can only find two-pronged outlets in your home, then you can't safely use your three-pronged appliances. More so, it indicates that your outlets aren't grounded. This can be particularly dangerous in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas, where high moisture can put people at risk of electrical shock.

Do You Need a Professional Electrical Inspection for Your Atlanta Area Home?

Homes get old - and in the case of electrical problems, ignoring fire hazards can become a costly hassle. The experienced electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta will ensure your home is safe and efficient. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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