Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Lights do not have to be all-or-nothing. In fact, sometimes you want brightness somewhere in between. Luckily, a dimmer switch can give you the best of many worlds. Dimmer switches don't only offer options. They also offer energy savings, and Mr. Electric of Atlanta is thrilled to be at your service when you need dimmer switches installed, replaced, or repaired. If you are still wondering about the benefits of dimmer switches, then continue reading to learn about how each part of your building can be made better with a dimmer switch installed. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to speak with a live representative and schedule an appointment or request an emergency dispatch.


What's worse than having your sleep interrupted by an unexpected need to rush to the bathroom? One thing that comes to mind is that bright light assaulting your eyes. With a dimmer switch, you do not have to choose between a sore eye and going to the bathroom in the dark. Set the dimmer to a level where you can comfortably handle your business and head back to finish off your beauty sleep.

A dimmer is also a great substitute for candlelight without the fire hazard. Enjoy a relaxing bath or shower in a subtly lit area with a dimmer switch.


When was the last time you actually needed bright lights in the bedroom? In fact, bright lights can disrupt your body's preparation for sleep. With a dimmer switch, you can set the lights to a level that will inform your body that the day is winding down and it is time to head to bed. Not to mention, the dimmer gives you a great way to set the mood, again, without the use of candles. If you do end up needing bright lights, then simply turn the dimmer to its maximum setting. It's as simple as that.

Living Room

A big screen television or even a projector and a great sound system are not enough to create the movie theatre atmosphere. You cannot forget the lighting. With dimmer lights, you can have enough lighting to minimize the screen's strain on your eyes without the lights being distracting. You can always crank up the lights when reading a book or doing anything that calls for more lighting.

Dining Room

You can't have a romantic dinner without candles - or can you? Candles are romantic but things can quickly go awry if they fall over, ruining your food or catching clothe on fire. You can enjoy the lighting of a candle-lit dinner without the risks by going with a dimmer switch. On the less romantic end, you might want to grab a midnight snack without losing sleep. A dim light can help.

Installing A Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is not a complicated procedure, but it still involves working with electrical wires, which can be dangerous. Fortunately, the process is quick and simple so you can have an electrician install the dimmer switch in a jiffy. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to have a nearby electrician take care of that dimmer switch installation in as soon as within an hour!

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