Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

If you are experiencing electrical issues and cannot pinpoint the faulty wiring, you do not have to break through the walls and floorboards to get a closer look. A thermal imaging electrical inspection can locate the problem quickly and effectively. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we utilize thermal imaging cameras because they work in low-light environments, provide faster inspections, and result in fewer false negatives. If your electrical system is giving you problems, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to schedule a thermal imaging electrical inspection today. We even recommend routine inspections to get ahead of issues before they become problems. Our representatives and insured electricians are always ready to help.

Works in Low-Light Environments

Even if it is possible to access the wiring, the lighting might not always allow effective inspections. This is especially true in low-light environments such as the basement or attic. This is also a common problem when the power goes out at night. A flashlight is certainly a solution, but it calls for an extra hand. Fortunately, a thermal imaging camera works in low-light environments. This device detects infrared energy emitted from the area and converts them into color-coded temperatures displayed on the bright screen. This lit picture of the area is called the thermogram.

Faster Inspections

In the past, electricians would have to use hands-on testing methods to check electrical connections one by one. This is a tedious and dangerous process. The hesitation and manual work are time-consuming and, by extension, expensive.

A thermal imaging camera allows the electrician to inspect a large area without having to get hands on. It's as simple as recording a video or taking a picture. As you know, many electrical services charge hourly rates. So, this faster inspection saves you time and money.

Fewer False Negatives

Manually checking each electrical connection one by one is time-consuming, and it can also be ineffective. This is because a lot of the manual work relies on guessing work. It is very possible for the electrician to fail to find the problem and give you a false negative.

A thermal imaging inspection is more comprehensive and allows the electrician to inspect a larger portion of the electrical wiring. This means we will be more likely to spot the problem and get started on fixing it.

Minimally Invasive

A lot of the electrical wiring is hidden behind walls and in the floorboards. Accessing these electrical wires is not feasible and regularly involves breaking through drywall and portions of the wall.

Thermal imaging, meanwhile, is minimally invasive. The device can "see" through walls and obstacles. This way you do not have to worry about damaged walls and collateral damage. We will only have to physically access the wiring when the fault or damage is located and we are ready to repair it.

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If you are experiencing electrical problems or if it is time for your annual or biennial electrical inspection, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to schedule your thermal imaging electrical inspection today. We are always ready to help.

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