Better Productivity with Electrical Wiring for Your Home Office

Better Productivity with Electrical Wiring for Your Home Office

The internet continues to change the way we live, with more and more people working and even learning remotely. Home offices have many benefits for employees, employers, and society as a whole. They provide tax benefits, eliminate commutes, and offer flexibility for employees. Employers, meanwhile, are freed from utility and other costs associated with housing employees in a commercial building. However, these benefits depend on reliable internet and electricity.
If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of your home office, then make sure your infrastructure is safe and secure. A key part of that infrastructure is your electrical wiring. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is here to share some tips on how to improve your electrical wiring for better productivity in your home office. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to hire a qualified electrician in Atlanta, then feel free to call Mr. Electric of Atlanta any time.


There are so many electronic devices in your home office. You have the computer, your tablet, extra screens, telephones, printers, and so on. What do you do if you do not have enough outlets for all of these devices? Many homes that were built decades ago were not designed to support today's demand for electronics. Therefore, many rooms have fewer outlets than are necessary for the modern homeowner or resident.
Extension cords are a solution, but they are neither safe nor attractive. They can be trip hazards and clutter up the place. Why not just add extra outlets?
An electrician can add outlets and even add USB outlets. USB outlets free up AC outlets when you are charging USB devices such as your phone or tablet. In fact, simply replacing an AC outlet with one that includes USB outlets can double the number of devices you can connect at one time.

Dedicated Circuits

Electrical surges and power outages can affect your productivity and even damage your appliances, computers, and electronic devices. To reduce the risk of these events, the electrical supply that comes into your building is routed through several circuits. So, if your refrigerator and dishwasher overload that specific circuit, your appliances and lights in the living room, for example, will likely not be affected.
A dedicated circuit for your home office is a great way to isolate your work and equipment. This is especially important if you have many electronic devices and equipment such as computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and scanners. A dedicated circuit protects the equipment from other circuits to make sure your work is uninterrupted.

Added Protection

A sudden surge in power can fry your valuable home-office equipment and there is no way of knowing when that might happen. Fortunately, you can take measures against such possibilities. A surge protector or surge suppressor, for example, redirects excess voltage from your equipment to the safety ground. Though many outlets come with this feature, a whole-house surge suppressor is a better protection. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is happy to help with this installation.

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