Can I stop my smoke detector from beeping?

Can I stop my smoke detector from beeping?

Just like any electrical appliance, the smoke detector is bound to develop little faults like beeping sounds that can be very annoying. This high-pitched beeping can start at very odd hours of the night. Without knowing how to stop it, you will be left with no option but to wait till the morning before calling a professional.

The beeping sound is a signal that there is something wrong with the unit. Of course, there are a good number of available solutions to put an end to this problem.

However, on regular bases, homeowners keep asking if they can stop the smoke detector from beeping unnecessarily.

And the answer is YES - YOU CAN!

Before trying to stop this beeping sound, it is imperative that you make sure that the sound isn't as a result of an actual fire. Secondly, if you're are not technically savvy, you can call experts at Mr. Electric of Atlanta.

On the other hand, you've ascertained that there is no fire in the building, then, follows the steps below to fix the unit:

Discharge the system

The option of discharging the smoke detector is highly recommended in situations like this. However, discharging the smoke detector isn't a walk in a park. To get this done, first;

  • Switch off the smoke detector at the circuit breaker
  • Remove the detector from the ceiling mount and unplug it from the power source
  • Remove the battery. A 9-volt ba
  • When the batteries are removed from each of the units, you are then to press the "test" till the beeping sound is no longer heard
  • You are required to install new batteries and plug in the power source. The batteries have to be 9-volt batteries
  • Power is then to be restored to the circuit breaker and mount the unit back in its position. A green light should appear; this indicates that the unit is functioning well.

Remove dust

In situations where the smoke detector doesn't make use of batteries, the beeping sound could be caused by dust. The presence of dust or dirt on the smoke detector can restrict the flow of air in the detector, thus, causing malfunction.

Smoke detectors are usually positioned on ceilings, thus making it easily accessible to cobwebs, which can lead to malfunction of the unit. It is recommended that you blow out dust from the smoke detector by making use of compressed air.

Temperature fluctuations

Another reason for this irritating beeping sound is fluctuations within the apartment. This occurs mainly when the temperature is increased beyond the average temperature of the house, mostly, when a lot of heat is coming from the kitchen or when the door of the bathroom is left open after a hot shower. This could set off the alarm. To ensure that this is avoided it is recommended that you hire the services of skilled electricians to offer advice on where to position the detector.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta will provide this service effectively, making sure that the alarm does not beep except when necessary.

Get a new smoke detector

If you can't get it fixed using all the options mentioned above, then the unit needs to be replaced.

Smoke detectors usually last for 8-10 years. Check the manufacturing date behind the detector to see if your assumption of the timeline is correct. If it's not, seek the services of Mr. Electric of Atlanta to aid in properly installing the smoke detector.

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