Customized Lighting and Outlet Options for People with Disabilities 

Customized Lighting and Outlet Options for People with Disabilities 

Planning is important when it comes to making a home safe for loved ones with disabilities. While wheelchair accessibility and handle bars in the shower are often the first renovation made, lighting and electrical outlets aren't always on the agenda. However, having the ability to turn on lights and use important tools and devices is vital for the health and satisfaction of those in your household. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, Georgia, we want our clients to have a home that is comfortable and convenient for every family member and guest. Here are a few tips for creating custom lighting and outlet options to accommodate those with disabilities.

Safety First

The first step is to ensure safety by hiring an experienced certified electrician for all installations, upgrades and replacements. From new lighting fixtures and dedicated circuits to a complex smart home system integration, it's important to hire a professionally trained electrician with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Also, be sure your wiring is properly updated, and all outlets potentially exposed to moisture are converted to GFCI units. This will help defend against short circuits, electrical fires and electrocutions.

Proper Placement is Important

Next, you'll want to make sure that the locations for new light switches and outlets are in convenient locations for people with disabilities. Keep outlets and control switches at a height that can be accessed by someone using a wheelchair. If young children are in the home, and the lowered height is a concern, try using covers that will deter the curiosity of little ones, yet won't hinder their use by adults who can't reach outlets at higher level locations.

Take Care of Emergency Repairs Fast

If bad wiring, damaged circuits or broken switches are discovered, it's important to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Scheduling routine electrical inspections can help ensure that any potential problems are noticed early, before further trouble develops. Be sure to hire electricians who provide 24 hour emergency services, so that you can receive high quality care even when an unexpected situation occurs over night or on the weekend. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, GA, we are proud to offer our local customers with emergency repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consider Using a Smart System

If you'd rather not install new outlets and switches, then you might consider another alternative. A smart home system installation can provide remote control options for lighting, entertainment devices and appliances. Use of certain electronics can also be monitored via smart phone or tablet when you're away from home, to ensure that the stove isn't left on, or a plugged in curling iron isn't left unattended. You can turn these circuits off and on with the click of a button, without leaving the office. Such systems can be helpful for those with disabilities, and creates a fun and convenient way to for everyone in the home to use their favorite devices.

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