Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Alpharetta

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Alpharetta

The EVSE charger often comes with most standard electric vehicles, these EVSE chargers can be plugged into any of the normal three-pronged outlets. You will likely need an electric car charging station installer in Alpharetta to install the charging station in order for you to charge your electric vehicle efficiently.

The Importance of Having a Reliable EV Charging Installation in Alpharetta

You may say that you don't need an electric vehicle charging station installation but the truth is, only the level 1 charger will require no EV charging installation in Alpharetta but it charges your electric vehicle battery very slowly. The level EV chargers are most suitable for overnight charging of EV batteries and can take almost 20 hours to fully recharge your car battery.

The level 2 EV charger will require its dedicated circuits which must be installed by a professional electric vehicle charging station installation electrician in Alpharetta. With the level 2 charger, your vehicle battery can be recharged under 3 hours.

Level 3, which happens to be a standalone charger for an electric vehicle can fully recharge your battery in half an hour. If your driving habit is such that you have to drive a lot, then a level 3 battery charger is all you need. Regardless of the type of charging station you need for your electric car, you can rely on Mr. Electric of Atlanta for efficient electric vehicle charging station installation services.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta Steps to EV Charging Station Installation

When you decide to go for Mr. Electric of Atlanta EV charging installation in Alpharetta, we will send our technicians to conduct a full inspection of the site to ensure that installations are completed according to manufacturer specification. If you have a charging station already installed, we may have to upgrade the device to support quicker level charging.

All National Electrical Code requirements are followed by the electric car charging station installer in Alpharetta during the installation process for safety reasons. Once the installation is completed, a startup inspection and test, are performed to verify that the charging station is functioning efficiently. We will also provide a piece of complete information as regards features of equipment, limitations, correct usage of the station, and proper maintenance service.

Reasons to Avoid Unprofessional EV charging installation in Alpharetta

You need to avoid the use of EV charging installation in Alpharetta for many reasons. The faulty installation has been linked to a number of problems. For instance, slow charging of electric vehicles and no-charging issues have been reported with unprofessional EV charging installation in Alpharetta. Make sure you contact certified, licensed and bonded installers only.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta Experience with EV charging installation

We have helped hundreds of electric vehicle owners install the appropriate electric charging stations for their electric vehicles, and they can attest to our professionalism. We do provide quality installation services with guaranty and at affordable rates. Please give us today and let us give you peace of mind with our unique and professional EV charging installation services in Alpharetta.

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