Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Roswell

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Roswell

Though electric car owners worry less about going to the station to refill their fuel tanks, the increasing popularity of electric cars is directly influenced by the incentives offered by the federal government and some state. Electric car owners that have charging stations installed in their homes can now enjoy rebates and tax breaks.

So, this is the right time to start shopping for a perfect electric car (EV) that will fit your need. However, the installation of an electric vehicle charging station is as important as buying a car. This is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable company for your electric vehicle charging station installation in Roswell.

For fast and efficient installation of your electric vehicle charging station, call Mr. Electric of Atlanta. One of our EV charger installation specialists will visit your property for an inspection. We offer:

Residential EV charger installation in Roswell

Imagine that you can charge your electric car in the comfort of your home while you engage in one of your many daily activities. During the installation process, our electrician in Roswell will first run an assessment of your home, its electrical system, and your electric car. Next, a decision is made by you with the help of our team, on the suitable model of charging station that you'd prefer.

In case a charging station has already been installed in your property, our experts will help to upgrade the facility to increase the charging speed.

Commercial EV charging station installation

If you are a commercial facility owner like supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, or malls with a parking lot, you can call us for commercial EV charger installation. Our services will make it easier for your employees to charge their electric cars. Indeed, having an electric charging station at the workplace serves as a good source of attracting influential customers and high-quality employees.

It is also important to note that we follow the entire National Electrical Code requirement during the installation process.

EV charging station options

There are three popular charging options

Level 1

This type of EV charging station is very easy to use. It comprises an outlet for the conventional wall plug that electric cars are known to have. The demerit of this charging option is its slow nature in charging cars. This charging option is the least expensive of the three.

Level 2

This charging option is commonly found. The installation isn't as easy as that of level 1. In this case, the charger is usually affixed to the wall. As compared to the level 1 option, the charging process is a lot faster.

Level 3

This charging option is mostly used; commercially. It is the fastest option of charging electric cars.

Call now for EV charging installation in your property

We offer top-notch quality services, and as a pacesetter in the industry, we look forward to having a positive impact on the environment by building the necessary facilities needed by electric vehicles.

Our team of qualified experts has a record of providing high-quality EV charging station installation at residential or commercial properties. Safety, professionalism, and customer's satisfaction is our priority at Mr. Electric of Atlanta. Give us a call today for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

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