Electrical Car Charging Station Installation in Sandy Springs

Electrical Car Charging Station Installation in Sandy Springs

It can be a pleasant experience and a dream fulfilled having an electric vehicle because you don't only enjoy the smooth and quiet ride, you also save yourself a fortune fuelling your car. However, finding an electric car charging station can sometimes be a daunting task which can put you in the middle of nowhere or ultimately spoil the fun of using an electric vehicle.

At Mr Electric, our certified and licensed electricians are highly trained and genuinely care about the quality of service you receive. Our trained electricians in Sandy Springs offer you superior and trustworthy installation service and literally walk you through every step of the installation process, so you are more informed to utilize your new installed electric car charging station with ease.

So, if you're an electric car owner or you are planning to purchase one, call experts at Mr Electric, and we can help with your electric car charging station installation at your residence or commercial property.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Car Charging Station in Sandy Springs?

With the help of an electric car charging station installed by a professional, you can charge your electric cars in a fast, simple and convenient way without having issues.

That is why it's recommended that you use a licensed and insured EV charging station installation expert to help you with your electric car charging station installation in Sandy Springs. Mr Electric is an approved EV charger installer with the right technology to handle your Sandy Springs electric car charging station installation, professionally.

Electrical Car Charging Station Installation Done Right the First Time

The decision to have a new electric car charging station installation usually comes down to the level of electric supply needed, charging time required or available cost (budget) for the installation. You don't necessarily need to break the bank to install an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), but then, it may interest you to know the differences in having either the level 1 or level 2, EVSE.

While it takes less time for a level 2 EVSE to charge your EV, the level 1 uses a 120 volt AC plug and may not necessarily require any special fixtures apart from an outlet with a dedicated circuit which adds 2- 5 miles per hour. The level 2 EVSE uses 240 volt AC plug and requires installation of special equipment as well as a dedicated circuit for a faster-charging effect of about 10-60 miles range per hour of charging.

Irrespective of the level of EVSE required for your electric cars, it is important that you get it done right the first time. Whether it's a single station that you need to install or you simply wish to install multiple electric car charging stations to power up your family car, we can help.

If getting an installation expert means a lot to you…

Then, this is the right time to contact Mr Electric. We don't only guide you on the right location to mount the electric car charger; we can also advise on the most appropriate model that meets your requirements. You may choose to install your electric car charger inside your garage, outside your exterior walls or even as a stand-alone electric car charging station in Sandy Springs. Mr Electric is your source of professional EV charger installer for your residential or commercial EVSE charger installation in Sandy Springs.

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