Electrical Circuit Installation in Atlanta

Electrical Circuit Installation in Atlanta

In the past, homes and businesses didn't rely on much electricity. Decades ago, there may have been quite a few electrical appliances in the kitchen, but in the rest of the house you may have only found a single TV, and maybe a radio or two. Today, there is likely a flat screen TV, computer and stereo in every bedroom. Most homeowners require so many electrical devices that they need a power strip for almost every outlet. Commercial locations often require even more electrical power. Imagine a modern-day office space with dozens of computers, fax machines and printers. Unfortunately, if a home or business is still trying to run on electrical wiring that was installed in the 60's and 70's, they are putting themselves at terrible risk for dangerous electrical fires. It's important to invest in a new electrical circuit installation to prevent unnecessary damage and injury. The local certified electricians at Mr. Electric proudly provide a variety of electrical services for both residents and businesses in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding Metro area cities. Call our office today to find out how our electrical upgrades can help you.

The Dangers of Overloading Wires

When an electrical circuit becomes overloaded, too much power is being demanded from a wire. The wires might not be equipped to handle such a large power transfer, and they might become corroded, rusted and damaged. Wires can also become disconnected from connections overtime. When too many amps begin moving through a wire, circuit breakers can turn off power to the wire. This can help prevent dangerous electrical fires. However, if the issue continues repeatedly, the damage may become too severe and the wires could fail, putting everyone in the home or building at risk. By upgrading the outdated wires and circuits, you can have a new system designed to handle the electrical demands of modern life.

Circuit Upgrades in Atlanta

Reasons Why You May Need an Upgrade on Your Outdated Electrical Circuits

There are many reasons why getting an upgraded electrical circuit installation is important, but here is a list of the most common.
Outdoor Entertainment - Swimming pools, hot tubs, sprinklers, landscape lighting and holiday decorations are just a few of the items that homeowners enjoy.
New Appliances - Have you purchased a new stoves, refrigerator, or washer and dryer unit?
Emergency Generators - A dedicated circuit is recommended for home or commercial generators.
Garages or Workshops - Power tools may require a lot of extra electricity; an upgraded circuit can give you the power you need.
Office - Whether at home or at work, modern offices demand a lot of power. Get surge protection and avoid having to replace expensive computers and other devices.

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