Electrical Dangers in Wintertime

Electrical Dangers in Wintertime

Temperatures are beginning to drop, meaning it's time start up the heaters. We are also going to be losing daylight, so we will be more dependent on electricity. This increased electricity usage carries more frequent exposure to electrical damage and harm. It will pay to understand the risks, causes, and prevention methods. In this article brought to you by Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we will review some of the electrical dangers in the wintertime. If you prefer a professional electrical inspection, repair, or installation, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to speak with a friendly representative.

Inspect the Vulnerabilities

If you do not detect electrical vulnerabilities early on, you just might end up dealing with electrical damage. Schedule your annual electrical inspection and ask the electrician about points of vulnerability in your home. We can fortify those areas and give you tips on how to keep up with them. Most simply, you can routinely inspect cords, outlets, and electrical wiring. If you notice cracks, sounds, heat, and smoke, then it is time to get started on repairs. Acting sooner will mean you can have the root source resolved before you have a ton of symptoms to deal with later. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta if you would like to schedule your electrical inspection.

Some Winter Risks to Consider

You should be mindful throughout the year, but be particularly mindful of the following risks during the wintertime:

  • Space Heaters: Why crank up the thermostat when you can heat up your area? Space heaters are convenient, but they also carry electrical risks. Unplug the unit when you leave the room and inspect its wiring for damages. Do not pull on the cord when unplugging.
  • Lighting: Tis the season to be jolly! Since we have short days, we will be using more lights. Make sure your light bulbs' watt capacity is compatible with the appliance or lamp for which it will be used. Do not overload your extension cords, and consider installing additional outlets and circuits.
  • Test Your Detectors: Your eyes and nose can deceive you when it comes to carbon monoxide. This toxic gas is odorless and colorless. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working and test your smoke detectors as well.
  • Consider a Generator: A power outage during the winter is brutal. A generator installation can end up saving you from a nightmare.
  • DIY Projects: Electrocutions and electrical fires are very real and serious risks of DIY projects. Don't injure yourself. If you can, you should leave the electrical work to licensed professionals. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is proud to serve the area with affordable and reliable service. Call now to get a free price estimate and don't forget to ask about ongoing promotional offers.

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It's always good to know someone has your back in case of emergencies. Mr. Electric is proud to have emergency electricians ready to dispatch to your location in as soon as within the hour. Call now to speak with a representative.

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