Energy Audits for Atlanta Businesses

Energy Audits for Atlanta Businesses

Has your local utility company suddenly raised their rates? Have your monthly overhead costs skyrocketed? It might be time for a commercial energy audit. At Mr. Electric, we provide residential and commercial electrical services in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Norcross, Milton, Lilburn, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Woodstock, Johns Creek and other metro area communities. We enjoy helping our local businesses get the most out of their electrical appliances and devices, and we want you to get great results as well. Here are just a few of the reasons why scheduling a professional energy audit can save your company money.

Why Energy Audits are Important

Today's businesses rely on a lot of different technologies. From manufacturing equipment to desktop computers, businesses across America have to power a lot of electronics to get through the day. Whether you manage a manufacturing plant or a small retail store, no one wants to send all their profits to the local power plant. When a business wishes to scale down their utility costs, the first logical step is to replace or remove equipment that are taking the most energy. However, many of these commercial appliances and tools are expensive to replace, which means it's vital that those in charge of the transition are well informed about where their energy is going. An energy audit will help you pinpoint the exact causes of your high electric bills, so you can save your revenue for growing your business.

The Reason for Hiring a Licensed Electrician for Your Commercial Energy Audit

A certified electrician has the unique ability to check on wiring defects, circuit issues and other common problems that a manager or employee simply can't. Licensed and insured electricians have years of training and specialized tools and equipment to help them perform important electrical work safely and effectively. Only highly trained professionals should work with electricity, as improper handling of wires could result in personal injury or electrical fires. Avoid law suits, property damage and revenue loss by investing in an electrical company with proven experience.

We Also Offer Energy Monitoring Installations in Atlanta, GA

In addition to electrical inspections and energy audits, the specialists at Mr. Electric of Atlanta also offer energy monitoring installations. These incredible smart devices can give you live feedback of energy useage throughout the building. Software can be accessed via desktop, phone and mobile device, and synchronized with multiple locations for incredibly detailed insights. If you really want to know exactly where your money is being spent, then it may be time to invest in a commercial energy monitoring system installation.

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