Is it Alright Not to Have an Exhaust Fan in Your Bathroom?

Is it Alright Not to Have an Exhaust Fan in Your Bathroom?

Mr. Electric offers emergency exhaust fan replacement, repair and installation in Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Duwnoody, Sandy Springs, Cumming, Lawrenceville and surrounding areas. Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom isn't a requirement, but not having one can create problems. Exhaust fans are so common, that many homeowners purchasing new houses expect it, therefore contractors will include them in the construction design. However, not everyone buys a brand-new house for their family. Maybe you prefer a historic home or are planning to build your own. In this case, you may be deciding whether installing an exhaust fan is worth the extra costs. Perhaps this post can help call attention to a few factors that can help you make the best decision for your household.

What's the Alternative?

When following local codes, you have one of two choices when it comes to ventilating your bathrooms. An exhaust fan or a window. Unfortunately, most people don't have a habit of leaving their bathroom windows open, for many reasons.

  • Reduces privacy.
  • Wastes energy in homes with central air and heat.
  • Without proper screens in place, it can attract insects and pests.
  • Isn't practical during hot summer weather or freezing winter temperatures.
  • Lack of recirculation.
  • Isn't very effective.

While this may work out for a while, it simply won't be feasible for most families. There will be many days when it's too cold, wet, hot, etc. for people to just leave the window open. Also, this approach might cause a huge increase in your monthly utility bills. So, for many homeowners, getting an exhaust fan makes more sense long term.

Benefits of Having an Exhaust Fan

So, you may already be aware of the troubles involved with choosing not to get an exhaust fan installation. But, are the benefits really worth the investment? Exhaust fans aren't just for removing smells, there are many extra perks including:

Gets Rid of Bad Odors

We will start with the most obvious. Of course, using an exhaust fan in the bathroom will help to quickly remove any smells. This will help make your guests more comfortable and keep your home smelling fresh without the hassles of leaving windows open or clouding your restroom with heavily fragranced sprays.

Eliminates Excessive Humidity

Like taking hot showers, but don't enjoy doing your hair or makeup afterward? Get rid of that annoying heat and dampness within just a few minutes so you can get ready for the day quickly and easily.

Helps You Avoid Mold Growth

When you can get rid of excess humidity in a timely manner, you'll avoid mold growth associated with damp areas. This is particularly helpful for small bathrooms where the wet, hot environment can become a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal proliferation.

Protects Wallpaper and Paint and Other Surfaces

Again, saying goodbye to dampness immediately will help you protect any wall treatments, fixtures, tile, cabinet doors, fabric shower curtains and countertops from unnecessary damage. Over the years, all those steamy baths can make wallpaper peel, alter paint color or wood stains, effect the condition of tile grout and more. Having an exhaust fan will save you the trouble of replacing and renovating your bathroom prematurely.

Are You Ready to Invest in an Exhaust Fan Installation for Your Home's Bathrooms?

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