Fluorescent Light Bulbs 101: Everything you Need to Know

Fluorescent Light Bulbs 101: Everything you Need to Know

If you aren't aware, more people have been using fluorescent light bulbs in their homes because they are long-lasting, compact, and much more energy-efficient. These kinds of lightbulbs are also a lot more cost-efficient and are a popular choice because people are 'going green' and trying to preserve our planet. If you want to know more about the benefits of fluorescent light bulbs, feel free to reach out to local electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta.
While fluorescent light bulbs have been around since the 1880s, they weren't used commercially until the 1930s, where they grew in popularity and become commonly used everywhere.

Who helped develop the fluorescent light bulb?

The technology of these light bulbs has been changed throughout the years by many different inventors. Here's a list of who helped changed the fluorescent light bulb:

1. Henrich Giessler & Julius Plucker

In the 19th century, these German inventors teamed up to discovered how they can produce light by removing all the air from a long glass tube and then pass an electrical current through it to produce light. This discovery was named the "Giessler Tube" and wasn't used again until the 20th century.

2. Peter Cooper Hewitt

In the early years of the 1900s, Hewitt worked on creating a blue-green light by passing electric currents through mercury vapor. He then used a ballast to regulate the current to create a more efficient source of light. While he did achieve his goal, the light had limited uses due to the colors used.

3. American Lighting Companies

Researchers in the 1920s and 1930s tried to see how materials capable of absorbing light could be converted into useful white light. By the end of the 1930s, the ALC showed off their research and proved how their lighting system was more efficient than incandescent lighting. After they showed off their discovery at the New York World's Fair, they showed it to the U.S. Navy.

4. Sylvania

After the 1973 oil crisis, the world suffered from a huge energy shortage. Sylvania tried to miniaturize ballasts and put them into light bulbs, but the invention didn't work.

5. Edward Hammer & GE

In 1976, GE bent the lighting tube into a spiral - welcoming the world to the very first compact fluorescent light bulb. Since the machine needed was expensive, production of these light bulbs was postponed.

6. The U.S. Government & Utility Companies

The government and utility companies learned about these new light bulbs, and they were able to fund their production. Unfortunately, the cost per light bulb was around $25-35, and most people and companies couldn't afford it.

Fast forward to current times, fluorescent light bulbs have been drastically improved and are now much cheaper to buy, averaging about $1.74 per bulb. If you have any questions about fluorescent light bulbs - how they work, how to install them, how much they can save you, give Mr. Electric of Atlanta a call today to schedule nearby electricians.

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