Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) Outlets Standard GFCI Outlet

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) Outlets Standard GFCI Outlet

Electrical shock is not only dangerous but "breath-taking." Having a standard GFCI outlet installed in your home or facility is critically important. Usually, the presence of these life-saving devices (GFCIs) in your home is not hard to notice; they bear self-explanatory stickers most of the time. A typical GFCI is square, equipped with a test and reset button, and often labeled "GCFI protected outlet."

Why have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters?

GFCIs monitor and reacts to electric current in power circuits and outlets. Basically, when there's moisture or water contact with the outlet, the GFCI immediately stops the flow of electrical current to prevent shock and electrocution.

These "life-savers" are especially needed in outlets prone to water contacts such as laundry and bathroom receptacles, utility sinks, and more. Before the introduction of GFCI outlets in the United States, many experienced severe shock or death each year, but the advent of GFCIs minimized issues related to electric shocks.

Electric wiring codes such as National Electrical Code (NEC) even mandate GFCI outlets installation in areas like Bathrooms, Kitchens, Wet Bars, and other places having higher tendencies of water contact with the electric mains.

However, water isn't the only "shock bridge" between human and electric outlet but dirt and concrete as well. That's why garages, as well as crawlspaces, aren't an exception to the installation of ground fault interrupters outlets.

What Type Do You Need?

Either for existing or new home, you need a working GFCI up to NEC standards in your home. Consequently, NEC codes and standards have experienced a series of updates over the last couple of years; thereby, you need to ensure your unit is operating under the latest NEC requirements.

Wondering if your power outlets are GFCI protected? You can request for a trained and certified electrician in Atlanta from Mr. Electric of Atlanta to have a look at your wiring. We can also access your entire installation to ensure you have a working and effective system.

GFCI Outlet Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

You'll need the service of a professional electrician to help you install your GFCI outlets, which must comply with NEC code and standards.

Besides installation, maintenance and swift repair are equally important. When you notice your GFCI stopped working, this might be as a result of overload. And this is very common with energy-sucking appliances such as space heaters and dryers.

When a GFCI "sense" an overload, it shuts off the circuit and other outlet running through it because of safety. In some cases, the reset button can help you fix, but when the GFCI trips now and then, it's time to request the service of a professional electrician.

Call us to get a professional help

At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, our professional electric services have you covered on standard installation of GFCI outlet as well as wiring. We are a team of certified and experienced electricians employing the latest NEC codes and standards. We'll access your wiring if it passes the muster of GFCI best practices and offer tailored services accordingly.

For your GFCI installation or fixing, call or contact us today so we can send a certified electrician to your facility with all the tools and equipment.

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