Helpful Tips for Childproofing Outlets

Helpful Tips for Childproofing Outlets

Parents feel a rush of pride when they see their babies take those first few steps. However, excitement often quickly transforms into fear as soon as they realize how many dangers lurk around the house. While some accidents are bound to occur, few are as life threatening as electrocution from outlets. There are many options available to help parents safely childproof their home. But with so many choices in the marketplace, choosing the right methods can feel overwhelming, especially when the parents of young children already have so many responsibilities to juggle. At Mr. Electric, we help families in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and other metro area communities keep their home safe from electrical related dangers. We want to help you do the same. Here are a few helpful hints that can make childproofing your home more simple and effective. 

Outlet Plugs and Shields

The most economical and one of the most common methods of childproofing outlets are plugs. These small pieces of plastic come with two prongs that allow you to slide them into the outlet, and thus making it more difficult for a child to get hurt. Some stores also sell plates that essentially function the same way, but cover the entire electrical plate, rather than just the single outlet. This can sometimes perform double duty by plugging the open outlets and also camoflouging the area. Unfortunately, as children become more curious, these kinds of plugs become less effective. Most are designed to easily slide in and out, and once a child has discovered that they are easily removed, it can encourage them to focus on the outlets. 

Sliding Plate Covers

If you want to take your childproofing efforts one step further, a sliding plate cover is a great option. These outlet covers are screwed into the walls just like conventional ones. The difference is that the actual outlet opening is adjacent to the real one, and you have to slide it over to successfully plug in your appliance or device. When you unplug the cord, it will automatically slide back out of the way. Again, an older child will learn how this works, and could easily slide it into alignment if they were determined to. Still, these sliding covers will work much longer than basic plugs. 

Tamper Resistant Outlets

The best option is to replace all your traditional outlets with tamper resistant outlets. TRRs or Tamper resistant outlets have a plastic film inside the vertical slots, and won’t retract unless both slots are used in unison. So, a toddler who attempts to stick a bobby pin or metal knife into the open slot won’t be successful, unless they somehow used two items simultaneously. 

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