Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

Are you worried about the rising crime rates in your neighborhood? Then you may be looking for ways to secure your valuables to prevent theft during a home burglary. While traditional safes can offer protection, it is also a target for home invaders. A hidden wall outlet safe helps your small valuable stay out of sight and out of mind. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, Georgia, we provide various popular services for local homeowners and businesses, including new electrical outlet installation. If you're interested in learning more about wall outlet safes, keep reading for more details.

What is a Wall Outlet Safe?

A wall outlet safe is a device that allows you to hide valuables inside a standard outlet. It's comprised of a standard electrical outlet, with a false wall behind it. This device can be installed in any area of your home. This is an effective place to stash money or jewelry since most burglars won't go through the trouble of tearing apart walls or floors looking for cash or gems.

Benefits of Storing Valuables Inside a Hidden Outlet Safe

While you may know what an outlet safe is, there's a chance you may remain unconvinced of their advantages. Here are just a few reasons why an outlet safe can be a great option for defending small valuables like diamond rings, precious metals, or digital records with sensitive data:

  • They're discreet and out of sight.
  • They're easy to hide.
  • They're childproof
  • They're affordable

Tips for Installation

A standard outlet installation can be tricky and dangerous if performed by someone without professional training or experience. So, make sure to hire a licensed electrician for any real electrical outlets. However, most hidden wall safes will be non-functioning, meaning they are designed to look like an outlet but won't work if something is plugged into them. Since there are no wires involved, this is a project that the homeowner can perform. Just be sure that you're careful when cutting through the drywall, so you don't damage any electrical wires that might be hidden behind the wall. The non-functioning outlet safe you purchase should have instructions included, so be sure to follow the guidelines given. But, if you're curious about how an installation is performed, here are a few details about the steps involved:

  • Choose the Best Location for Your Outlet Safe
  • Measure and line up the area where your outlet will be located to ensure it is the same as the regular outlets in your home.
  • Outline the shape of your outlet onto the wall with a pencil.
  • Use a saw to cut the outline into the drywall.
  • Place the safe into the opening.
  • Screw in the cover plate and make sure it is secure.

Do You Need a Professional Electrical Outlet Installation?

Investing in a hidden wall outlet safe is an excellent option if you're looking for a way to store your valuables with less risk of them being stolen. Whether you want an outlet safe installed or simply need more regular outlets for your household, you can always call Mr. Electric of Atlanta, GA. Our experienced electricians can ensure that your new outlets are installed accurately and safely, so you can continue to enjoy an efficient and danger-free electrical system for years to come. Contact our professionals for more information about our commercial and residential services or to schedule your next appointment.

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