How do Generators Work?

How do Generators Work?

How do Generators Work?

Summer thunderstorms and freezing winter hail storms frequently disrupt power grids in cities across the country. Atlanta also sees its fair share of bad weather, and most residents and businesses have suffered through multiple outages. While some power failures are restored after only an hour or so, there are many instances when the electricity could be unavailable for several hours or even days. At Mr. Electric, we’ve been providing residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Suwanee, Decatur and other Metro area neighborhoods for many years. We’ve seen what can happen to homes and businesses when their power is suddenly gone. During these events, families are not only left without their TV’s and computers, but are at risk for losing hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. Some citizens in a fragile state of health can suffer the consequences of extreme heat or cold when their air conditioning or heating system fails. Businesses can lose thousands of dollars when they’re forced to close their doors, halt production and send their staff home for the day. The best way to stay prepared is to invest in a professionally installed standby generator.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator?

Many budget conscious home and business owners try to save their cash and purchase the cheapest portable unit they can find only to discover what a hassle they can be. Families find themselves digging through the garage with a flashlight, and often braving the elements in the middle of the storm to locate the generator and get it operating correctly. The loud noise created by these generators are sometimes such an extreme annoyance, that families or businesses hesitate to use them at all. A standby generator that’s installed by a reliable electrician works much differently. Most backup generators are gas powered, meaning they can run on natural gas or liquid propane. Units are often placed outside, surrounded by a durable weather resistant box that is sound deadening and anchored permanently to the ground. That means your generator is already wired into your electrical system with a convenient transfer switch that’s easily accessed inside your property. Your generator will automatically switch on when it senses that the power grid has failed, and then switch back off when the electricity is restored. This takes no effort from the homeowner or employees, and the entire property will run just like normal, without having to sacrifice productivity. 

Is it Worth the Investment? 

Getting a standby generator is an investment. Installation can cost thousands of dollars, and prices vary depending on the power needs of the property. A small four-person home will not have the same energy demands of a large industrial manufacturing plant. However, if you live in an area where frequent storms occur, or in a city with substandard utility companies, the amount of money saved will be well worth the initial costs. For businesses, the return on investment could be seen very quickly. Imagine a local coffee shop who can remain running at full capacity while virtually all other competitors are forced to close their doors. Rather than losing money by shutting down for the day, they’ll have an opportunity to gain new customers. Homeowners may take a little longer to see a return, but the value of your property will increase the moment it’s installed, particularly if they live in an area where a generator is more desirable to home buyers. 

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