How Do Electric Vehicles Impact Electric Bills?

How Do Electric Vehicles Impact Electric Bills?

Rising gas prices and growing environmental consciousness have made electric cars more and more popular, but electricity is certainly not free. How will owning an electric vehicle (EV) affect your electric bills? Is the switch to an EV worth the effort? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer in this brief article brought to you by Mr. Electric of Atlanta. If you already own an EV and are interested in installing an EV charger at home, then give us a call. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is happy to provide a consultation and schedule an appointment.

How Much Electricity Does an EV Use?

It is easy to calculate how much it costs to run your internal combustion vehicle. You probably know exactly how many miles a gallon of gas will take you. This calculation is only a little different when it comes to electric vehicles. Instead of miles per gallon, the fuel efficiency for an EV is usually measured in kilowatt hours per 100 miles. The average EV consumes about 35 kWh to travel 100 miles, which can also be understood as 0.35 kWh per mile.

Electricity prices vary from place to place. The prices can even be tiered or vary within the same day. Off-peak hours offer lower prices.

Let's use a reasonable price to come up with a rough calculation. At 10 cents per kWh, it will cost you $3.50 to travel 100 miles in your electric vehicle. A traditional, gas-powered vehicle will likely use 4 gallons of gas to travel 100 miles. Even if electricity costs double, the fuel efficiency of EV compared to traditional cars is remarkable.

Charging Your EV

While your gas-powered vehicle has a tank size, the EV has a battery size. Unfortunately, a gas tank fills a lot faster than a battery does. The good news is that you can reduce the time it takes to fully charge your EV by upgrading to a Level 2 Charger. While charging can take 8 hours with a Level 1 Charger, a Level 2 Charger can "top the tank" in about three hours. There are also the much-faster Level 3 Chargers, but these require high voltage DC power and are only available on commercial properties.

Mr. Electric is proud to be a reliable source for charging station installations. We are happy to take your call and answer any questions or concerns regarding EV charging stations. We can schedule a flexible appointment today.

Are Electric Vehicles Worth It?

We cannot answer this question for you because this is a personal choice that involves many unique variables. For instance, are you driving over 200 miles per day? Are you concerned about the impact your car has on the environment? Do you prefer a quiet ride, or do you enjoy the sound of the exhaust blaring?

EVs can save you from those wretched oil changes and timing belts, but the cost of replacing the EV battery pack can be staggering and the range anxiety is real. Granted, many EV manufacturers offer battery warranties and batteries have been improving. When it comes to fuel efficiency, however, EVs are exciting.

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