How Much Electricity Does a Stove Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Stove Use?

Have you overextended your normal budget because of rising utility expenses? Then you are probably looking for techniques that can help you reduce your electrical usage. If so, then call the team at Mr. Electric of Atlanta. Our certified and insured electricians in Atlanta offer a wide range of commercial and residential services that can help decrease your monthly energy consumption. Stoves are one of the most used home electrical appliances, and many homeowners wonder how they can save by utilizing certain cooking techniques. If you are interested in discovering more information about electric stove energy costs, read below and find out how you can reduce your monthly costs right away.

How Much Does It Cost to Operate an Electric Stove for a Year?

The average modern electric stove cooktop needs around 2,000 to 5,000 watts of electricity to function. Of course, the actual amount of energy used will be determined by a number of factors such as the number of burners used at a given time, whether the oven is being used simultaneously, how much time is needed to properly cook the recipe and the size of the burner being used. For most families, this daily amount of energy usage should result in an average annual cost ranging from $30 to $75. In most cases, a stove will require a similar amount of electricity as a hair dryer or refrigerator. While stoves consume far more energy than a television or desktop computer, they are much more energy efficient than other common household appliances including a clothes dryer, water heater or HVAC system.

Tips for Saving More Energy

If you want to maximize efficiency to save more over time, then there are a few techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily meal planning. For instance, consider cooking more than one dish at a time, so you do not have to continuously turn on the stovetop to prepare a single item. Using ceramic or glass cookware is also a great option, since they are better conductors of heat and generally require less time to boil. Energy star rated stoves and smart ranges are a great investment, as they will decrease the amount of energy used per meal and provide detailed analytics and information to help further improve your energy consumption.

Can Dedicated Circuits Reduce Energy Consumption?

One often overlooked way to keep long term costs under control is to invest in dedicated circuits for all major appliances, including stoves and ovens. Large and small power surges can cause significant damage and deterioration to electronics over time. When too many energy hungry appliances are sharing the same circuit, the chances of having a surge is increased. Dedicated circuits, when used in tandem with whole house surge protection, can help defend your electrical system and household appliances, thereby increasing their longevity and dependability.

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