How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs

How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs

There are many lighting options and the CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs were considered a revolution in lighting technology until new, better ones came about. With many homeowners and business owners switching over to LEDs (light-emitting diodes), it is important to understand that the CFL bulbs should be disposed of properly. This is because CFL bulbs contain mercury, a hazardous and toxic metal. Your friends here at Mr. Electric of Atlanta have put together some tips on how to responsibly dispose of your old CFL bulbs. Feel free to call Mr. Electric of Atlanta anytime if you need an electrician's assistance with your electrical lighting replacement.

Why Recycle Your CFL Bulbs?

CFL bulbs and other fluorescent light bulbs contain traces of mercury, a hazardous and toxic metal. Throwing these bulbs in the dumpster, trash can, or compactor will likely break the bulb and release mercury into the environment. For this reason, some states and local jurisdictions have stringent regulations on the disposal of CFL bulbs. Properly recycling these bulbs protects the environment and allows the reuse of virtually all components of the fluorescent bulb. So, where to recycle CFL bulbs?

Where to Recycle CFL Bulbs?

Try contacting your local waste collection agency to see if they offer CFL or mercury pickup and recycling services. Some waste collection agencies provide services for free, but others may charge a small fee. You may have to hold onto the CFL bulbs for some time as these agencies sometimes collect hazardous wastes only a couple or few times a year. Find out the details by calling the garbage or recycling service provider directly.

You might also be able to drop off hazardous materials such as CFL bulbs at the recycling facility. Local hardware or home improvement stores may also have a drop box for recycling. If you do not see a drop box then ask the store staff if they take in CFL bulbs for responsible disposal.

Finally, there are mail-back services. Some light bulb manufacturers sell pre-labeled recycling kits. Fill up the kit with old bulbs, seal the kit, and take it to the post office for delivery. The cost of the kit includes shipping charges to the recycling center to save you time and energy.

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