How to Get Electricity to a Kitchen Island

How to Get Electricity to a Kitchen Island

Does your family use your kitchen island for more than just eating meals? Are you an experimental home chef that loves to use fun and interesting small appliances? Then you might have already considered installing an electrical outlet in your kitchen island. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we provide premium residential and commercial electrical services including new outlet installation and kitchen wiring upgrades. If you're interested in getting electricity to your kitchen island, but aren't sure what the next steps are, read the tips below.

Make the Necessary Preparations

First, you will need to temporarily remove the island from its current location. This is because you will have to drill holes through the floor and island in order to run the electrical wire with minimum exposure. Once the holes are drilled, and the wiring has been appropriately secured, then you can put the island back into place and secure with the necessary hardware.

Determine the Best Type of Outlet for Your Needs

Another important consideration to make when planning out your kitchen island's electrical outlet installation, is to think about which style of outlet will best fit the needs of your family. In the past, the options were limited. However, advancements in technology have provided a wide variety of outlet types to suit different lifestyles. For instance, a popup outlet will allow you to plug in a laptop or blender but will recede back into the countertop between uses. You can also choose recessed outlets in order to limit the number of wires or plugs sticking out into high traffic areas. Another fun option is a USB outlet, which is great for high tech households that have a lot of devices to charge. You can install one type or multiple variations to suit your unique needs and budget. Our experts can help create a design that works best for your loved ones.

Install a GFCI Circuit Breaker

A kitchen island will be exposed to moisture. For this reason, a GFCI circuit breaker will need to be installed on the electrical panel. Be sure to connect the GFCI outlet and junction box carefully. This step should only be conducted by someone with professional training, as handling electrical wiring can be very dangerous. A licensed electrician in Atlanta will have the proper education and hands on experience needed to perform this step safely, effectively and affordably.

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