How to Improve Your Office Lighting 

How to Improve Your Office Lighting 

Though it may be one of the most neglected aspects of office spaces around the world, proper lighting is essential to productivity. When a work area isn’t well lit, it can cause a myriad of problems with focus and health. Eye strain, migraines and circadian rhythm disruptions are just a few of the issues that can surface when exposed to poor lighting over a long period. Though it may seem like an extra expense, upgrading your lighting system can make an amazing positive impact. You can increase the efficiency of your employees and save money on monthly utility bills by making this single investment. At Mr. Electric, we provide local Atlanta, Georgia home and business owners with quality, affordable electrical services. Along the way, our certified Atlanta electricians have installed, repaired and replaced countless commercial lighting systems and want to help you get the most out of your lights as well. Whether you have a home office, own a small retail boutique, manage a large office building or run an industrial manufacturing facility, having the right kind of lighting in place can significantly reduce stress, fatigue and unfocused behavior at work. Here are just a few of the incredible benefits that you and your business can reap by making the switch to better office lighting. 

Let the Sunshine In

Sunshine provides a wide range of natural wavelengths of light that boosts overall health and focus. Being exposed to sunlight can help alleviate stress and make even the smallest spaces feel expansive. Try to provide as many external windows as possible with adjustable blinds as often as possible. 

Consider Using Blue Toned Lighting

Blue toned light has been scientifically proven to reduce melatonin. While this can be negative for people who like to stay on their smart phones until 2 am, companies can utilize blue light as a way to provide a more productive work environment. Blue toned lighting can be especially beneficial in areas where there isn’t a lot of exposure to sunlight, as natural outdoor light contains a large amount of blue lights. 

Provide Desk Lamps or an Adjustable Lighting System for Individuals

While having a great overhead lighting system is vital, you might consider providing individualized lighting options as well. Some people may prefer dimmer lights, or want a little extra when they’re working on a detailed project or need help staying focused desk lamps or well-placed floor lamps can be a great way to achieve that. 

Ensure Proper Placement

Lighting that’s too far above the work area might be ineffective, whereas lights that are too close could become glaring and intrusive. If you have tall ceilings, it might be necessary to invest in hanging lights or a track system. On the other hand, shorter ceilings might require a recessed lighting installation to remain at the appropriate levels. 

Replace Bulbs with Energy Saving LED’s When Possible

LED lights have a lot of great benefits. Not only are they incredibly energy efficient, but they often come with a lot of extra features that was more difficult or expensive to integrate into traditional bulbs. LED’s with dimming features, timers and color changing bulbs are much more affordable and will also help save some money over time. 

Routinely Check for Damaged or Deteriorating Bulbs

It’s important that you are regularly checking the bulbs in all work spaces to ensure everyone has adequate lighting. People with a badly lit, dim or flashing light could be struggling with eye strain, headaches and a high stress level that will create an atmosphere that’s hostile to productivity and happiness. Ask your teammates often if they like your lighting system and get feedback several times a year so you can adjust as needed. 

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