How to Increase the Longevity of Your Home Appliances

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Home Appliances

Out of all the electrical devices in your home, your appliances are likely to see some of the most wear and tear. Each day, your family needs to use the oven to cook meals, a dishwasher for cleaning up afterwards and a refrigerator for storing ingredients. In addition, your household depends on a water heater for warm showers, an HVAC system for comfortable temperatures and your washer and dryer for a wardrobe of clean and stylish clothes. Keep your appliances well maintained, and they'll reward you long term. Neglect them, and you're sure to raise the costs of your investments. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we want our residential and commercial customers to get the most out of their appliances and electrical system. Read more to find a few tips and tricks for extending the longevity of your most treasured electronics.

Purchase Quality Appliances

Buying cheap appliances can be tempting, but the initial savings won't be worth the eventual expense of repetitive repairs and replacements. Focus on finding a balance between affordability and quality, and choose major appliances based upon its energy efficiency and durability rather than its price tag. Refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers need the most frequent repairs, so make quality of manufacturing the highest priority for these specific appliances.

Provide Regular Maintenance

The next step is to enhance the high-quality design of your appliances by keeping them properly maintained. Even the best dryer in the world won't last long if you ignore the lint filter and continuously overload its capacity. Here are some best practices to follow for the most commonly used appliances:

Washing Machine and Clothes Dryer - Never wash or dry a load of laundry that's too big, not only will it take longer to wash your clothes, but you'll put unnecessary strain on them. Pay attention to the settings you use, check lint traps after each dryer cycle and replace hoses when needed.

Dishwasher - Be careful when loading the racks with dishes, they can become warped or broken if mishandled. Also, watch out for food debris, dirt or grease film. Occasional cleaning can help prevent buildup.

Refrigerator - Keep your coils free of dirt and dust. Neglect could lead to restricted airflow, which can cause it to overheat. This can be done by removing your kick plate, and using a handheld vacuum to quickly get rid of debris. Keep an eye on seals and gaskets, and wipe them down periodically.

Water Heater - Drain your tank every year or two to get rid of any accumulated sediment that may have fallen to the bottom. It's also important to keep the temperature settings at the correct levels and properly insulate your pipes during freezing temperatures.

Invest in Repairs at the First Sign of Problems

If you do start to notice a problem, don't wait until the last minute to get it repaired. A very small part replacement is fast and affordable, but ignoring the issue altogether could lead to irreparable damage over time. Keep an eye out for warning signs, and call a professional plumber or electrician to ensure quality servicing.

Take Care of Your Electrical System

An outdated or damaged electrical system can lead to short circuits, which will harm appliances. If electrical disruptions occur frequently, components within the appliance could become corrupted, and will eventually stop working altogether. Wiring upgrades, dedicated circuit installations and whole home surge protection can help you avoid problems with appliances and other devices.

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