How to Prevent Power Surges from Damaging Electronics

How to Prevent Power Surges from Damaging Electronics

Power surges can be inconvenient, but many property owners are left wondering if power outages and lightning strikes can harm their valuable electronics. The unfortunate answer is yes, power surges can actually harm your appliances, television, and other electrical devices. Strong surges can instantly damage items, but even small surges that occur frequently enough can reduce the lifespan of some of the most expensive household items like your refrigerator, washer and dryer or water heater. To prevent this, a whole house surge protection installation can help homeowners save their investments from electrical surges. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, our electricians provide premium commercial and residential services for local clients in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding neighborhoods. Are you still unsure whether a surge protector can help ease your worry? Here is some more information that can help you make the best choice.

Can Power Surges Harm My Appliances and Devices?

A large spike in voltage can create electrical surges that are powerful enough to damage your appliances and devices. The arc of electrical current can also generate enough heat to pose risks to electrical components, particularly outdated wiring, or damaged outlets. While frying your circuits should remain a concern, many people underestimate the amount of trouble small surges can cause if they happen consistently enough.

Unplug Your Electronics When Bad Weather Arrives

Once homeowners realize that power surges can cause issues with their electrical system and devices, the next question is often about prevention. Is there a way to ensure that your investments remain protected during an electrical storm or unexpected outage? One of the best methods is to simply unplug all electronics from the outlets. Since the electrical current won't be running to the devices, then you can avoid damage.

How Can a Surge Protector Help Homeowners Avoid Surges?

Unplugging your electronics can be a practical solution for times when you are already at home, and you are aware of a storm or outage ahead of time. Unfortunately, surges can also occur when you're at the office or away on vacation. Even if you are at home, an unforeseen electrical issue could still rise without much warning. Thankfully, a whole house surge protector can offer the protection you need, and you don't have to run around unplugging everything each time the news gives you a bad weather report. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your entire house can defend itself against the dangers of power surges. Protect your electrical system and defend your water heater, refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, and similar expensive electronics by hiring certified electricians with the skills needed to upgrade your system.

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