How to Properly Hide Electrical Wires in Crown Molding

How to Properly Hide Electrical Wires in Crown Molding

Do you have a room in your house that simply doesn't have enough outlets? Are you ready to install a new speaker system, or wall mounted TV, but you don't want unsightly wires running down your wall? Most of the time, homeowners and electricians will simply feed the wiring behind the wall from the basement below, or from the attic above. However, not all property layouts make this possible. If you're looking for another solution, consider using the Crown Molding method to conceal the wiring, for a crisp and clean look. At Mr. Electric, we enjoy providing creative ways for our residential and commercial clients to upgrade their electrical system without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics. Here's how you can hide away those unsightly wires with decorative crown molding.

How Is It Done?

This method of concealing wiring will require specialized crown molding with a hidden channel where the wires will be run. There are several popular manufacturers of this type of crown molding, which can be purchased at most hardware stores or online. This specialized variety of molding comes with a track that is screwed into place on the wall three inches below the ceiling. Once in place, holes can be drilled through the track and into the wall. Once the hole has been made, the wiring can be dropped down into the wall where the new space for the outlet will be. The commercial or home wiring can be secured in place using plastic zip ties. Then, the new outlets are installed, putty is used to seal the holes on the tracking, and the wooden crown molding face is snapped onto the track so that all traces of the installation process is hidden from view.

When to Call a Certified Electrician

While this job can sometimes be performed by a homeowner with electrical experience, there are certainly safety risks anytime someone handles electricity. If you attempt to handle the wires yourself, always make sure to turn off all electrical power at the panel box, and use a voltage tester to ensure there's zero electricity running to the wires you'll be handing. You should also wear proper safety equipment and use quality tools designed for electrical work. The Do It Yourself method for this technique should primarily be used when hiding basic wiring for televisions or surround sound systems. If you're going to install a new electrical outlet, then you should get help from a certified electrician. Keep in mind that anytime you need to make significant changes to your electrical system or home's structural components, you might be legally required to hire a licensed electrician to avoid any code violations. A professional electrician will be able to perform this task quickly and accurately, so you can avoid any risks of personal injury, fire or property damage.

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