How to Protect Outdoor Outlets

How to Protect Outdoor Outlets

Whether you're throwing a children's birthday party or a summer barbecue, having outdoor outlets is essential for homeowner's who enjoy entertaining. From blow up bounce houses and speaker systems to outdoor televisions and patio heaters, today's high tech gadgets need quality, safety electrical outlets to be used without risk. Failing to take the appropriate precautions can cause damage to expensive appliances, devices and equipment. However, what's more alarming is the possibility of electrical fires and electrocutions if the outlets are inadequately installed or maintained. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we proudly provide quality residential and commercial electrical services in Atlanta, Marietta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and neighboring Georgia communities. We want to make sure our customers can enjoy their outdoor entertainment spaces without compromising their safety. Here are a few of the ways you can protect yourself against outdoor outlet hazards.

Make Sure You Have GFCI Outlets Installed

National electrical code now requires that electricians and contractors install GFCI outlets in any area of the home that could be exposed to excessive moisture. However, those with older homes may not have the correct outlets in place. GFCI outlets can be easily identified by the two TEST and RESET buttons found on the face of the outlet. If you suspect that your current outlets aren't GFCI's, then it's vital that you contact a certified electrician so you can get a replacement as soon as possible.

Avoid Improper Installation

Even if a GFCI outlet is in use, improper installation can leave wiring exposed to the elements. This can cause problems with your electrical system in general and can create dangerous conditions. All outdoor outlets should have a gasket and cover plate that is sealed to the wall. Proper use of mounting brackets is essential to avoid exposing the outlet to rain, insects and debris. The best way to ensure proper installation is to hire a certified electrician with the qualifications and experience needed to install, repair or replace outdoor outlets. If you suspect that an outlet is improperly installed or has become damaged, contact a local Atlanta electrician to avoid melted outlets, tripped breakers, electrocution or electrical fires.

Use a Weatherproof Cover

Many outdoor outlets consist of flip up tabs that only protect against environmental conditions when not in use. Upgrade your outlets with a weatherproof cover to further protect against damage or personal injury.

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