How to Recycle Used Commercial Electronics

How to Recycle Used Commercial Electronics

The accumulation of electronic waste has developed into a worldwide environmental and health crisis. Your company may be concerned about its contribution to this problem and is developing solutions on how to handle your used electronics properly. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, GA, our experienced electricians in Stockbridge provide both commercial and residential services for local customers. We enjoy helping our clients improve their efficiency and ecological footprint, and we want to help you do the same. Here is some advice on how you can appropriately dispose of your e-waste.

Why Should Your Company Care About E-Waste Disposal?

Microchips and other electronic components contain metals such as lithium, mercury, cadmium, and lead. While the trace amounts of these substances are not a threat when they are safely contained within a device, large amounts of these items can cause an accumulation and concentration of hazardous materials in landfills. These metals can then seep into the ground and potentially contaminate its surrounding environment.

Do You Produce Large or Small Quantities of Hazardous Waste?

The amount of hazardous waste produced by companies matters in terms of regulation. Businesses that generate over 100 kilograms of hazardous waste per month are highly regulated by both state and federal laws. Their waste must be sent to a permitted hazardous waste landfill for processing, and companies that avoid this important step can face harsh penalties. On the other hand, companies that produce less than 100 kg of materials each month are not usually directed by governmental bodies unless your local municipalities have developed higher standards. However, if all of the businesses that fell into this category ignored the proper disposal methods, it could have a detrimental impact on the ecological wellbeing of the planet and its global inhabitants.

Options for Recycling Used Commercial Electronics

If you produce less than 100 kg of e-waste per month and want to know how to dispose of your materials without harming the environment, consider the following options:

  • Government Events - Some government institutions offer programs or collection events for disposing of used electronics for free or for very affordable prices. Check the National Center for Electronics Recycling to find events in your region.
  • Electronics Recyclers with EPA Certification - Some businesses provide electronic recycling. However, not all establishments adhere to the proper guidelines. So, make sure you check to see if they have been properly certified through the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Goodwill and Other Charities - If you are tossing out old company cell phones, desktop computers, or equipment that is outdated but still functions well, then you might consider donating them to a charity like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  • HirePatriots - HirePatriots can also handle your electronic waste. Not only will you reduce your negative environmental impact, but you will also help support United States Veterans. HirePatriots will pick up your used electronics and ensure that your items are recycled responsibly.

Do You Need Help Recycling Your Electronics? Call Our Electricians

Is your company ready to upgrade your electronics but aren't sure what to do with the discarded items? Let the competent electricians at Mr. Electric help find a solution for your e-waste. We will work hard to make sure you have an easy, simple way to get rid of your old electronics without worrying about harming human health or the environment.

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