How to Replace an Outlet

How to Replace an Outlet

Your electrical outlets are the gateway to the electrical system. It is thanks to outlets that you can power your appliances, devices, and electronics. If your outlet is faulty, damaged, or outdated, then you might deal with a host of electrical issues. Faulty outlets can even damage your appliances and electronics. Fortunately, outlets are fairly simple to replace. If the problem is with the electrical wiring, however, then you might be better off hiring an experienced and trained electrician. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is at your service whenever you need an electrical outlet replacement or electrical repair services. Our friendly representatives are ready to take your call today.

Before You Begin

We want to put safety first, so let's start with that. Make sure the respective circuit breaker is in the "OFF" position. The last thing you want is to get electrocuted while trying to replace the outlets. Further, if the outlets are smoking or look burnt, then you might want to leave the work to a trained electrician. It is also important to make sure the area is free of moisture and wetness. As you know, electricity and water make for a deadly combination. With the electricity cut and the coast clear, you can get started on replacing the electrical outlet.

Get Your Tools and Supplies

Head out to the local hardware store to buy the right outlet type for your installation. For outdoor areas and locations with humidity and exposure to water, such as the basement, bathroom, and kitchen, you want to go with a GFCI-enabled outlet. You can also look into modern electrical outlets, such as smart outlets. These can give you the benefits of a smart home without investing in smart appliances. Next, get your tools. You will need a voltage tester, wire cutter/stripper, screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and electrical tape. You're now ready to replace that outlet.

Removing the Old

With the electricity cut off, start by unscrewing the old outlet. Test the wires for current. If the electrical wiring is faulty, then there is no point in replacing the electrical outlet yet. Call an electrician to take care of that first. If the wiring is fine, then remove the receptacle from the wall box by unmounting the screws and gently pulling out the receptacle.

Carefully Disconnect and Reconnect Wiring

You do NOT want to mix up the wiring so disconnect one wire and install that wire one at a time. Begin with the bare copper/green insulated ground wire, then the white, neutral wires, and finally the black wires to the brass-colored screw terminals. Bend a C-shape and the end of each wire, looping it clockwise around the terminals. Trim excess wiring and wrap black electrical tape around the sides of the receptacle to prevent accidental contact.

Screw It Back In

With the wiring connected, you can screw the receptacle's plate cover back on. If you have any issues or concerns, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to have a qualified electrician handle the electrical outlet replacement. We have a host of coupons, discounts, and promotional offers to make this service as affordable as possible. Call now to get your free price estimate upfront.

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