How to Store Light Bulbs of All Kinds

How to Store Light Bulbs of All Kinds

Do you like staying organized, but find it hard to properly store the various kinds of light bulbs you use throughout your home? Whether you are trying to keep your Christmas lights safe for the holidays or like to keep extra LED bulbs handy for emergencies, it is important that you can find what you need easily, without cluttering your living space. At Mr. Electric, we offer high quality commercial and residential electrical services including indoor and outdoor lighting installations, repairs and maintenance services. Are you looking for more ways to keep your lights nice and tidy? Here are some innovative ways to store light bulbs or all different kinds.

Recycled Egg Cartons

Small light bulbs can be difficult to store. This can be due to their strange shapes and also because of their delicate features. For this reason, egg cartons can provide an interesting, effective and affordable method for keeping them organized. Not only do the egg-shaped spaces offer the perfect protection from damage and dust, but the cartons can be easily labeled, then stacked inside crates or on shelves.

Bubble Wrap

For larger bulbs, it is best to keep them in their original packaging since they are made to stack neatly on retail shelves. While this may keep the items nice and neat, it won't protect them from bumps or tumbles. That is why it is recommended that homeowners also surround their bulbs in a protective layer of bubble wrap that is taped securely. They can then be stored on a utility shelf or inside a drawer without worry.

Christmas Ornament Organizers

Christmas tree ornaments have a very similar shape to the average sized light bulb. This means that organizers that are designed to safely house the round glass orbs are the perfect way to keep your lights safe inside a closet, garage or attic space. While you may have to wait until wintertime to find them at your local hardware store, it is a good idea to pick up a few extra for this unique purpose. If you need one and it is not the right season, check online to see if you can have one or two shipped to your home. They may even be available for a lower price.

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