Nine Quick Ways to Lower Your Electricity Consumption

Nine Quick Ways to Lower Your Electricity Consumption

There are several ways to lower your electricity consumption, and some of the methods has the potential to save you more energy and of course money. So, to effectively manage the power in your building, you need to understand how you are charged for the cost of electricity.

As you read the following nine quick ways to lower your electricity consumption, don't hesitate to call electricians from Mr. Electric of Atlanta for further clarification.

Remove Standby Electricity Consumption

If you have some of your home electronics such as printers, computers, TVs, and games plug into power strips, you may choose to switch them off when the electronics are not in use. Removing them from the plug helps to reduce the amount of electricity that is consumed.

Replace Your Old Air-Conditioner System

You may choose to replace your old air-condition system using the service of an expert like Mr. Electric of Atlanta. Cooling components in your home serve as one of the major power consumption equipment. Replacing your old system with an improved energy-saving model can help reduce the amount of electricity consumed by your old system.

Improve the Hot-Water Heater System

You may also need to replace your older water heater system, with a more efficient power saving heating system. And if you already have an efficient power-saving water heater or you aren't ready to replace your old one, your electricity consumption by the water heater can still be reduced by insulating it or turning down the temperature.

Maintained Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator tops the list of electricity consumption appliances in your home. So, to lower your electricity consumption, ensure that your refrigerator is not working harder than is required. Simply set the temperature within the recommended range of 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and leave the freezer at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure that your fridge is sealed off tightly by closing the doors, and if the door needs to be repaired, you may need to use a professional to help you fix it.

Use Cold Water to Wash Your Clothes

Apart from the refrigerator, the washing machine is another major home appliance that consumes a large amount of electricity. Rather than heating the water, you can use cold water because it's the soap that kills germs and not the hot water.

Use Power Saving Mode in your Computer Appliances

Simply because computer runs all the time, consuming a lot of energy, perhaps shutting it down when not in use or every time you are away from your desk may not be visible, therefore it is recommended that you set your computer appliance in power saving mode allowing it to sleep when not in use.

Switch your Bulb

Switching from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent bulbs serves as an effective way to lower your electricity consumption. A compact fluorescent bulb uses about a quarter of the energy that is used by incandescent bulbs. More so incandescent bulbs release more heat making it tougher to keep the cool of your home.

Use a Fireplace Draft-Stopper

You can prevent cool or heated air from leaving your home with the help of a fireplace draft-stopper. These plugs fill out the entrance to your chimney, sealing more effectively than your flue.

Seek Professional Advice

Professionals at Mr. Electric of Atlanta can analyse your home and identify arrears that are poorly insulated and recommends how you can save more by lowering your electricity consumption in your home.

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