Planning a Road Trip with Your Electric Car 

Planning a Road Trip with Your Electric Car 

Electric cars have come a long way in the last few years. Early models felt like driving a golf cart to work, and driving on city streets was intimidating. Now, thanks to companies like Tesla, Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet, modern electric vehicles offer many of the same great features as other new cars on the market, without the need to fuel up at the gas pump. Now, it's easy to drive your morning commute, or pick the kids up from school without worrying about a dead battery. However, there's one popular tradition that even seasoned drivers are sometimes weary of, the Road Trip. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy helping local residents and business owners find innovative ways to make their electrical systems and devices more effective and efficient. We want you to get the most out of your electric car. Are you ready to use your Model 3, LEAF or Prius to create lasting memories for yourself and your loved ones? Here are some tips that can help ease the stress of your next vacation.

Drive a Car That Can Handle a Long Trip

The most important consideration is which vehicle you are driving. Older electric vehicle models may not have the mileage capabilities. Many people purchase an electric car with a 40 kWh battery so they can get the vehicle at a reduced price. However, if you're planning on driving long distance frequently, then it will be worth the extra cost to get a 62 kWh battery. The mileage difference can be up to 100 miles. New 64 kWh battery vehicles on the market normally provide around 225 to 240 miles on a full charge.

Finding Charging Stations Along the Way

The next step is to find out where charging stations exist along your route. You may discover it's necessary to change which path your taking based upon station locations. If you don't have a Tesla, you'll need to ensure the station will offer a charging option for your car. Using a website like ChargeHub can help, but be sure to read the reviews and call ahead. Unfortunately, some stations are listed but are no longer in service. Be sure to allot the proper amount of time for a decent charge, or you'll risk arriving at your destination later than planned, or running out of battery life before reaching the next stop.

Use Cruise Control

It may be tempting to push your electric car to the max when you're speeding down the interstate. It can be difficult to go 70 miles an hour when cars are riding your back bumper or when a semi-truck is passing. However, if your speed is over the top or erratic, then your battery life will be depleted much faster. Maximize your battery's capacity by taking it easy and using cruise control whenever possible.

Overnight Charging

Depending on the journey you have planned, there may be times when you'll be staying overnight at a hotel or friend's home. Choose charge friendly hotels. Many of them offer free or discounted charging, but you'll want to call the hotel ahead of time and make sure this service is available. Also, alert friends and family that you'll be driving an electric car. Most cars can be charged using a normal 110-volt outlet, though you'll probably need specialized cords and it may take many hours to complete. Some people aren't comfortable with this idea unfortunately. They may think it costs more to charge up than it really does, or they don't want to compromise the safety of their electrical system. Don't assume, always call ahead and get the okay first. If they refuse to let you charge the car overnight, then you'll need to plan to fill your battery somewhere else before moving on.

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