Power Consumption Meters

Power Consumption Meters

In many cities across America, energy costs are rising. Higher electric bills can put a strain on households, especially for families who are already on a tight budget. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy helping our local home and business owners find creative ways to make their electrical system safe, reliable and efficient. Have you been looking for a way to enjoy your 21st century lifestyle without breaking the bank? Here's how installing a power consumption meter can help you do just that.

Most Common Appliances and Devices That Skyrocket Your Energy Usage

While all electronic tools and appliances will consume some amount of energy, the majority of your expensive electric bill is likely coming from a small handful of sources. The most energy hungry devices often include: ovens, water heaters, dishwashers, microwaves, HVAC systems, window AC units, clothes dryers, furnaces, space heaters, refrigerators and water heaters. Depending on the model, certain desktop computer monitors, LCD and plasma televisions and even coffee makers may also be draining your monthly utility budget.

What Is a Power Consumption Meter?

A power consumption meter is a device that is connects to your electrical system so you can instantly monitor the changes in energy usage in real time. Many smart monitors available today are advanced enough to offer detailed analytics about which appliances, tools, entertainment devices and equipment are taking the most power at any given time.

How Can Installing a Power Consumption Meter Help You Save Energy?

Investing in a quality power consumption meter can help you save big in the long run. The devices are affordable to purchase and install, yet the information they can provide is priceless. You may discover there's no reason to replace your dishwasher, and that your outdated TV in your bedroom or the desktop in your office is actually costing you more each month. You'll begin to understand which bad habits are having an effect on your utility costs, like leaving the bathroom lights on overnight or leaving your laptop on its charger 24/7. Having data about your own unique circumstances and lifestyle practices can help you make better choices moving forward, and will ensure that all your investments will give you the highest possible return.

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