Protecting Your Home with Smart Home Technology

Protecting Your Home with Smart Home Technology

Do you still make use of regular doorbells, locks, and lightings in your homes? It's time you upgrade to Smart Home Technology for better safety and security?

Smart Home Technology brings loads of benefits, including a massive reduction in your energy bill, state-of-the-art home security, and more.

With a quick view of smart home devices available in the market, you'd realize the numerous benefits of living in a SMART home. Below are a few of the available technologies that'll give your home that additional layer of security.

Smart Locks

Most people have various kinds of smart device, and it can be amazing to know that your device can be used to operate the door locks. This means there's absolutely no need to rely on keys that can be easily misplaced or forgotten. And even when your smartphones or keys aren't available, most smart locks offer an additional layer of security called "keypad entry."

Bluetooth HD Camera Doorbell

Bluetooth HD Camera doorbells are an excellent addition to the security and convenience of your home. They are designed to get you notified either through the smartphone app or through the doorbell. With this tech, you can speak with the person from any location in the world.

You will have the liberty to allow the person inside your home or restrict him/her from getting access.

Smart Light Bulbs

The moment you step into your home, the first thought that skips through our mind is to turn on the light bulb. Well, with smart light bulbs, that protocol is no longer necessary.

Smart light bulbs can be programmed to turn on automatically upon door unlocking.

Furthermore, an in-home VA (virtual assistant) such as Alexa can also be used to operate your smart light bulbs.

Interestingly, smart light bulbs can be turned on/off from wherever you are; this is a fantastic feature because you can be sure that your home is safe and not energy-consuming even while you're at work or vacation.

If your home is not smart, that means you're missing a lot. However, a team of professional electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta is willing and in-fact ready to help install a smart lighting system for you in your home.

Smart Thermostats

Wherever you are, either at home or at work, smart thermostats allow you to set your home temperature according to your needs. This allows you to save money on energy as you can program automatic adjustments remotely based on the ever dynamic weather.

For more information on how smart thermostats work and how we can help install yours, contact us as soon as possible.

Smart Home Security System

Purchasing smart light bulbs, smart locks, smart thermostats, and other smart devices listed above that are compatible with each other will allow for easy intercommunication between them and hence can be operated in sync.

For maximum security and convenience, the above listed smart home devices working in conjunction with one another would be the ideal fit.

If you're looking to add some additional layer of security to your home and as well save a lot of money, kindly get in contact with experienced, proficient and licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta.

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