Reasons to Love Surge Protection

Reasons to Love Surge Protection

There is a rapid growth of electronic devices in our society such that we rely on it for virtually all our daily activities. In fact, the average household can boast of five to ten devices that are usually plugged directly into the power outlet.

However, when power surges occur, there is a higher tendency that those devices plugged directly into the power outlet or power strips will get damaged. That is why the installation of surge protection is recommended in every household. They come in handy and very effective in protecting your devices from spurts of electricity that go beyond the voltage limits.

At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we love to encourage our clients to protect their electronic devices by installing surge protectors because no one could predict when there will be fluctuations in power.

Power surges could be caused by lightning storms, downed power lines, faulty wiring or by the inefficiencies of the electric utility company.

Therefore, to stop spending unnecessarily in replacing damaged devices due to power surges, we've expounded some of the benefits of using surge protectors in this article.

Whole house surge protectors have got you covered!

When it comes to protecting your sensitive appliances, give it up to the whole house protectors. The whole house surge protector evens out the sudden peaks of electricity, thereby protecting every electrical device and appliance in your home.

You will never acknowledge the work surge protectors do until dangerous electrical surges fries the device of someone that is not protected. The cost of replacement, time wasted and frustrated should be avoided.

Surge protectors give you peace of mind

Because no one can tell when power surges will occur, there's nothing that gives the homeowner peace of mind than knowing that the electrical devices and appliances in his house are safe. This is because power surges have damaged expensive electrical appliances in many homes. In extreme cases, it could cause a fire outbreak.

As a matter of fact, a voltage increase for 3 to 5 nanoseconds can render irreparable damages to your electrical devices, so you should do everything within your powers to get them protected.

They're inexpensive

When you consider the role surge protectors play in elongating the lifespan of your expensive home devices and appliances, you'll appreciate how inexpensive they are.

The cost of installing a whole house surge protector cannot be compared with the price of some electronic devices in the market. It's even cheaper when you're working with an electrical installation service provider like Mr. Electric of Atlanta.

They protect the most vulnerable pieces of equipment in your home

From e-readers to your personal computers, LED TVs, smartphones, dishwashers, and microwaves, all your appliances can get protected.

You can install both whole house and point-of-use protectors to ensure electronic equipment in your home is safe.

Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta today to help install surge protectors that will guide against random power spikes in your home or commercial facility. We don't stop at installing the surge protector, rather we determine the extent of protection you need and recommend the power surge protector that will suit your need.

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