Reducing Your Electric Bill While on Summer Vacation 

Reducing Your Electric Bill While on Summer Vacation 

Are you planning a trip to the beach, ski slopes or exotic city this summer? Save money on your electric bills while you’re away, so you can put more cash toward your next adventure. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we proudly offer a variety of professional electrical services in Atlanta, Suwanee, Marietta, Smyrna, Roswell and other nearby metro area neighborhoods. One of the ways we serve our customers, is to help them find new ways to reduce their electrical costs. Here are a few tips that can help you slash your summer utility bills while you’re relaxing in paradise. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

Changing your thermostat setting by just a few degrees can reduce your HVAC systems overall energy usage by up to 30%. If no one is planning on being home, it’s okay to let things get more warm than usual. In fact, if you live in an area where the climate is expected to be mild, and there aren’t any pets in the house, then turning it off altogether could significantly increase your savings.

Turn Off Your Water Heater Unit

If your water heater is set to keep the tank at a certain temperature, then it will keep working just as hard when you’re away. Turn the unit off at the breaker, and give your tank a much-deserved break.

Empty Your Refrigerator

Do you prefer longer trips? If you’re going on a month-long voyage through Europe, or taking a cruise that will last several weeks, go ahead and empty the contents of your refrigerator before leaving. Plan to stop buying groceries a week or two before your vacation, and toss out or give away the few remaining items. Make sure to unplug your refrigerator to be sure it won’t use any electricity.

Unplug Appliances

Small appliances can consume more energy than you think, even when they aren’t being used. Video game consoles, desk top computers, digital coffee makers and alarm clocks are all perfect examples of items that may drain your power while you’re playing in the sand. Unplug them ahead of time and you’ll be sure not to waste any electricity. 

Install Smart Lights 

Are you worried that you’ll put extra effort into reducing your energy costs, but forget to turn off the hallway lights? Install smart lights and you’ll enjoy savings well past your vacation. Smart lights use LEDs, so they automatically reduce costs when compared to conventional bulbs. However, these innovative devices go a step further by allowing you to control them remotely via smart phone or tablet. There’s no reason to stress out about accidentally leaving your living room lights on all day, you can turn them off with the swipe of a screen whether you’re at the office or hiking in the mountains of Peru. 

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