Replacing Flood Damaged Wiring

Replacing Flood Damaged Wiring

Whether you're suffering from a flood due to a plumbing problem or a natural disaster, one thing is certain. Water and electrical wiring is a dangerous combination. Electrocution is a very real issue anytime electrical devices, circuits or wiring encounters water. Unfortunately, when a home or business begins to flood, many people begin to panic and forget about the electrical dangers as they frantically try to stop the water from flowing into the building. The truth is that in cases of severe flooding of any kind, it's likely that you'll need to replace wiring and other electrical components. In some cases, it may even be necessary to replace the entire system. The experts at Mr. Electric are proud to provide high quality, reliable electrical services in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. If you've experienced a flood of any kind, it's vital that you get help from experienced Atlanta electricians that can accurately assess the damage. Even a small amount of flooding from a badly leaking pipe could produce enough moisture to create a hazardous situation. Do you need an electrical inspection or wiring replacement? Get the help you need from trusted electricians in Atlanta. Call Mr. Electric today and we'll send a team to your location right away.

Avoid Areas with Excess Water

The first step is to get as far away from the water as possible. If you have a flooded basement, stay out of it. Try to leave the house if possible or get to the second floor for safety. If the flooding is caused by a natural disaster, it may be more difficult to leave your home due to storm surges and heavy winds. Do what you can to get to a dry location and take precautions. If the issue is caused by a broken pipe, get out of the house quickly and use your cell phone to call for professional help.

Make Sure the Electricity is Completely Disconnected from the Grid

Before anyone reenters the house, be sure that the meter is removed from the socket. Turning off the breaker won't necessarily keep electricity from entering your home. Even the smallest amount of electricity could cause an electrocution if water is still present in your house. Keep in mind that even if most of the water has been pumped out or drained, there will be a lot of moisture left in the flooring and drywall. It's best to be overly cautious until experienced Atlanta electricians have arrived.

24 Hour Emergency Electricians in Atlanta

If you're suffering from a flood, there's no reason why you should be left waiting. Unfortunately, many electrical companies don't take service calls after normal business hours. At Mr. Electric, we want our neighbors to stay safe during emergency situations, which is why we proudly provide our electrical services, including wiring repair and wiring replacement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If you're in need of quality Atlanta electricians after a major flood, call the team at Mr. Electric. Our licensed and insured electricians will arrive at your location quickly, with all the tools and equipment needed to safely and effectively repair and replace wiring, electrical circuits and other vital components of your power system. Contact our office right away to get the help you need fast.

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