Should I Install a Lightning Rod?

Should I Install a Lightning Rod?

The answer to the question of should I install a lightning rod is not a clear-cut, but there are certain variables that will help you arrive at a conclusion. There are certain things about a lightning rod you need to know first of all;

How do lightning rods work?

A lightning bolt can carry as much as between 100 million and 1 billion volts, and the basic job of a lightning rod is to intercept these volts, thus providing a safe path for the current to be grounded. For this reason, lightning rods reduce the risks of electrical surges and explosions from a lightning strike. It is believed that less than 10% of all households have lightning rods installed. According to statistics, there are over 22,000 lightning-related fire accidents in a year - this is a significant amount that should propel an individual homeowner to get a lightning rod.

Should I install a lightning rod in my home?

When it comes to statistics, lightning has remained one of the deadliest hazards to homes. Lightning can even strike a single place twice, the empire state building, for instance, gets strike by lightning on an average of 100 times a year. There are some instances that require that you install a lightning rod in your home. If your home is quite tall, or you have some trees that are taller than your home and located less than 10 feet to your house or your home is situated in an area with high incidences of lightning strikes, then you may need to install the lightning rod in your home.

Though a lightning rod may cost few thousands of dollars you don't want to take chances against devastating lightning strikes that can cause serious fire outbreaks in your property. You may want to contact electricians from Mr. Electric of Atlanta, to help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing and installing a lightning rod. For easier financing, you should contact your home insurance provider.

Installing Lightning rods is one of the main features in a home that can earn you some insurance credits and force your monthly premium down significantly. This means you will achieve two things with the installation of a lightning rod; security against lightning strikes and lowering of your home insurance premiums. Other security features that may earn you insurance credits from your home insurance service provider are; Main conductors (these connect lightning rods to the ground), Grounds (They divert dangerous lightning current deep into the earth), Tree lightning protection, surge protectors, arrestors and surge suppressors (these provide added protection for expensive home electronics or appliances).

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Aside from choosing an original lightning protection, you need to ensure that the rod protection is installed in a professional way that it can perform its duties in the most efficient manner. Don't get caught up in electrical storms, you need to contact Mr. Electric of Atlanta as soon as possible, and get your lightning protection rod installed.

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