Should You Get an Electric Fireplace?

Should You Get an Electric Fireplace?

Fireplaces are an essential item for many homeowners. Hearths have always been a traditional element in making a house feel like home. However, with advancements in technology, many people are replacing their conventional fireplace and chimneys with a modern electric version. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy helping local home and business owners find innovative ways to improve they’re electrical system and lower their utility costs. An electrical fireplace can be helpful for some, and an unnecessary expense for others. Are you trying to decide which option is right for you? Read along to find out a few pros and cons to installing an electric fireplace in your Atlanta, Georgia area home. 

The Benefits of Installing an Electric Fireplace

There are many benefits to swapping out your wood burning fireplace with an electric model. Maintenance on a conventional fireplace can be overwhelming, while an electric unit is very easy to care for. Using the electric fireplace is fast and easy. Rather than collecting firewood or purchasing fire logs from the grocery store, you can simply push a button, and cuddle near the heater when the cold returns. Plus, you can enjoy the beauty and ambiance that the flames provide, without turning the heat on. So, for those who are feeling nostalgic for the holidays can transform their living space in an instant, even if it’s the middle of July. 

What Electric Fireplaces Won’t Provide

For those who truly love the smell and texture of a real fireplace, an electric unit might feel disappointing. Also, if you live in an extremely cold climate with harsh winters, an electric fireplace won’t be as efficient at heating large spaces. Also, during outages and electrical emergencies, the electric fireplace won’t be able to provide warmth for your loved ones. 

Is an Electric Fireplace the Right Choice for Your Home?

Ultimately, the decision to embrace an electric fireplace will be unique for every household. If you live in Alaska and depend on your fireplace to keep your whole house warm for half the year, then it’s probably best to keep your traditional hearth in place. However, if you live in a temperate climate and prefer the convenience and clean, stylish appearance of an electric fireplace, then your investment will be well worth the effort. You’ll probably save a lot of time and money long term, and can find a unit that provides the same cozy feelings without the hassle. 

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