Should You Install an Attic Fan

Should You Install an Attic Fan

Many older homes across the United States have either a whole house attic fan or an attic ventilation fan. There are a lot of homeowners who are confused about the use of attic fans, and have questions about the efficiency of using them. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we help provide local metro area home and business owners find practical ways to improve their electrical systems and reduce their monthly utility costs. Are you wondering if an attic fan will save you money? Here are some tips for when attic fans are worth it, and when they should be avoided.

Attic Ventilation vs Whole House

There are two different kind of fans commonly found in attics. An attic ventilation fan is designed to move the hot air from the attic, and replace it with cool air from outside. In the majority of well insulated houses, these aren't necessary and won't save a significant amount of energy. A whole house attic fan works differently, and it's meant to be used to pull cool night time air into the house to control temperatures for those without central air and heating.

Situations When an Attic Fan is Useful?

Attic fans were once installed in many homes, before HVAC systems were the norm. At night, the windows are opened, and the fans pull the hot daytime air out, replacing it with fresh oxygen. Then the windows are closed early in the morning, with hopes that the cool air will be retained for as long as possible throughout the day. These types of fans work best for homes in the West, where nights are very cool and the climate is relatively dry. Attic fans can also be useful in the fall and spring, when the daytime temperatures are warm, but night is chilly.

When to Avoid a Whole House Attic Fan

If you have an HVAC system, then a whole house attic fan probably isn't necessary unless you're using it in place of your central air and heating to save cash during cooler seasons. Attic fans may also be a problem for individuals living in an area where the home needs to be more secured, as the windows will need to be open all night to achieve the maximum effects. In addition, homeowners living in very humid environments may not want the hot sticky air coming into their house.

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