Signs Rodents are Chewing on Your Electrical Wires

Signs Rodents are Chewing on Your Electrical Wires

Have you ever caught a whiff of burning plastic in your house that you can't explain? Maybe you're noticing that you constantly have to fix wiring around the house. If you see these things, it could be a sign that rodents are chewing on your electrical wires. Rodents will chew on wires for many reasons: to sharpen their teeth or even to build a home for themselves. Rodents can be dangerous because of the damage that they cause and even the diseases they may carry with them. Bottom line: You don't want these pests in your home.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to your electrical wires, it can be a big problem. Here are some signs to look out for to confirm that rodents are chewing on your electrical wires and why they want to appear.

Understand What Makes Them Enter

Mice think it is pretty normal to chew on electrical wires. It is fascinating that their teeth don't automatically stop growing like human teeth. So they need something to take care of their teeth, and unfortunately, it often results in chewed-up wires for you. Mice are mainly attracted to cables because of their shape. Electrical cords are round and more accessible to hold in their little mouths and grind their teeth on.

Mice also like to build homes for themselves and use insulation, wires, cardboard, and much more from your home! Mice are most likely to build their own little homes during the colder months because of the low temperature. So, you may find more damage in the winter months.

Check Your Wires and Electrical Panel Box Immediately

If you notice that some lights are flickering in your home, you may need to start considering serious wire repair. If you notice that you're having problems with your electrical outlets, this may be a sign of a severe rodent issue and may need to be investigated further.

Look for the Tell-Tale Signs that Rodents are Near

Take time to walk around your house and investigate the wires.

Flickering Lights in House - Flickering lights are a tell-tale sign that rodents may be in the house. If you notice that all or some of your lights are flickering more often than they should, and you have an upgraded panel box and no problems with your electrical system, it could be a sign that rodents have been chewing on your wires.

Burning Plastic Smell in House - Abnormal burning smells in the house are never good and should be addressed immediately. This could be a problem with your electrical equipment or circuit breaker and require an electrician to come and investigate. However, if everything with the electrical equipment is problem-free, rodents may be the culprit.

Ammonia Smell in House - If you sniff a weird ammonia smell in your house, consider calling pest control. If a mouse bites down very hard on an electrical wire, it will experience a shock that will lead to its death. A nasty smell will come out of your walls as soon as this occurs. Urine and rat droppings can also cause this odor. If you smell any weird, stinky smells, this may indicate that rodents are chewing on your electrical wires.

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