Signs That You Need New Electrical Outlets

Signs That You Need New Electrical Outlets

With the rapid development of technology and its continued integration into our lifestyle, electricity is something we depend on more than ever. Still, many residents and property owners take the electrical system for granted. Many people do not even inspect the electrical outlet as they plug in their devices or appliances. In reality, the electrical outlet is incredibly sensitive and should be inspected regularly. Chances are you are reading this article because your electrical outlets are giving you problems. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is here to help. In this short article, we will go over some tell-tale signs that you need new electrical outlets.

Two-Prong Outlets

As the name suggests, a two-prong outlet is one that has sockets with only two openings or slits. This type of outlet has been outdated for some time now, and with good reason. The two-prong outlet doesn't not only restrict you from plugging devices and appliances with three prongs. It is also a safety hazard.

These two-prong outlets only have a neutral wire and a hot wire, meaning they do NOT have a ground wire. Considering the ground wire is what guides high electrical currents safely to the ground, you can see why two-prong outlets are dangerous. There is no protection against short circuits and high voltage.

What's the solution? You have a couple of choices.

You can upgrade your two-prong outlets into ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. This is the only type of three-prong outlet you can install without the grounding wire. However, these outlets MUST be labeled with a "No Equipment Ground" tag.

If you want extra protection, then rewire your outlet or electrical panel with ground wiring. Simply retrofitting a ground wire onto the two-prong outlet box is possible if your electrical system has a ground wire. Otherwise, you must rewire the electrical panel with ground wire. Mr. Electric of Atlanta is happy to help with this.

Non-GFCI Outlets in Bathroom or Kitchen

Electricity and water make for a deadly combination, but they get very close to one another in the bathroom and kitchen. GFCI outlets protect you from electrical shocks by stopping the flow of electricity when it travels along an unintended path - such as a human body. Electrical outlets for dishwashers, bathrooms, laundries, porches, garages, crawl spaces, pool areas, and unfinished basements SHOULD be GFCI outlets. Upgrade to GFCI outlets without delay.

You Have Curious Children

Nothing is as frightening as seeing your child stick an object into the electrical outlet. Fortunately, electricians have come up with a solution: childproof outlets. These outlets require equal pressure in all prongs of the outlet simultaneously in order to activate the flow of electricity. The peace of mind is priceless.

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