Switching to Solar? How to Hire a Qualified Electrician for the Job

Switching to Solar? How to Hire a Qualified Electrician for the Job

Solar panels are an excellent way to provide ecofriendly power to your Atlanta, Georgia home or business. While solar installation may require an initial investment, it will be well worth the investment long term. One of the most difficult parts about choosing a solar electrical system is navigating the installation process. It can be overwhelming for property owners to make a final decision on how their new panels will be integrated into their existing system, and who should be responsible for installing the components. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Sandy Springs and other nearby metro area communities.

Why Look for a Local Electrician to Install Your Solar Panel System?

Some home and business owners may want to install their new system themselves. Other times, the solar panel system manufacturing company will have installation specialists who can get the job done for an extra charge. However, there's a good reason why property owners should consider hiring a certified electrician instead. A licensed and insured electrician in Atlanta will likely charge much lower prices, especially if the solar panel company is located in a faraway city or state. Electrical companies will often have better customer service than solar panel manufacturers, because the installation team is only one department of many. Perhaps most importantly, a well trained electrician will have the most experience and can ensure the safety and security of your new solar panel system. Integration into your existing system can be a difficult process, and sometimes outdated wiring or circuits could be an issue. A solar panel technician may not be properly equipped to handle more complex electrical problems that can arise in situations like this. A certified electrician will have all the tools, equipment and knowledge needed to help you avoid electrocution, electrical fires and power surges.

How to Find a Certified Electrician for Your Atlanta Solar Installation

Finding a qualified electrician isn't always easy. One of the best ways to get started is to ask people you trust for advice on who to call. You can also look in the phone book, or on the internet to find a business with good reviews. Once you have a list ready, call each company and ask important questions like:

  • Are all their electricians certified, licensed and insured?
  • Do they have the proper credentials as a company?
  • How much experience do they have working with solar panel systems?
  • Are they familiar with your local electrical codes and regulations?
  • Do they offer 24 hour emergency services in case something goes wrong?

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