The Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

The Best Lighting for Bathrooms with No Windows

When it comes to lighting in your bathroom, it's super important to get the proper lighting for the size of your bathroom, the shape of your bathroom, the style of your bathroom, and most importantly the amount (or lack of) windows in your bathroom. Some bathrooms don't have windows on the walls, meaning you don't get any natural light. Depending on your family, it may be important to have good lighting in there so you can get ready in the morning, do your hair, your makeup, or give your children or pets a bath. If you're looking to find the perfect lighting solution in your windowless bathroom, it's time to give Mr. Electric of Atlanta a call to get reliable electricians.

We can offer suggestions and installation on lighting if you have no windows in your bathroom. We know how important good lighting in a bathroom can be, that's why we offer same or next-day appointments to ensure your bathroom is perfectly lit.

When it comes to bathroom lighting where there are no windows, we found the perfect combination - you want to include both ambient lighting with tasks lighting so no matter what you're doing or where you are in your bathroom, you always have perfect lighting.

The Best Light Bulbs for Bathrooms with No windows

Bathroom lighting, especially if you have no windows, can get tricky. If you use the proper kind of light bulbs in your bathroom, it can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of lighting. Not sure what kind of light bulbs are best for your windowless bathrooms? No worries, Mr. Electric of Atlanta has you covered! Use the following criteria when selecting your light bulbs for your windowless bathroom:

  • Types: There are so many different kinds of light bulbs on the market: halogen, compact fluorescent, LEDs, and so much more. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the brighter is always better. Mr. Electric of Atlanta always recommends using LED light bulbs especially if your bathroom has no windows.
  • Brightness: Light bulb brightness is measured in lumens, so the higher the lumens or wattage is, the brighter the light bulb will be. If your bathroom has no windows and it's a smaller space, you'll want to go with a brighter light bulb.
  • Color & Quality: Today's light bulbs have become much better and of higher quality. You want to determine your light bulbs Kelvins, which is the color or tone of the light being emitted. In a smaller bathroom, you want more of a white, bright light to make the space look as big as possible.

The Best Lighting Fixtures for Bathrooms

There are so many different kinds of lighting fixtures you can put into a bathroom. But if you have a smaller bathroom or a bathroom with no windows, you want to choose your fixture carefully.

In small bathrooms, you want to avoid any hanging fixtures. This will make your space feel smaller and tighter. Instead, get a light that lays flat on your ceiling so you can still get total lighting while not making the space feel smaller. If your bathroom has no windows, you want to get an overhead light that's flush with the ceiling, as well as tasks lighting by your mirror and vanity. This will give you the best lighting possible in your windowless bathroom!

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