The Best Smart Home Devices Right Now

The Best Smart Home Devices Right Now

If you are looking to bring your home well into the 21st century, then consider some smart home devices. In this brief article, we will go over some of the best smart home devices to turn your dumb home into a smart one. If you need an electrician to take care of the installations, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to schedule a convenient appointment. Our dedicated electricians are also on standby if you need emergency electrical repair or electrical service in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Remember to navigate through our website to find applicable discounts, coupons, and ongoing promotional offers.

Smart Plugs

A simple way to turn any dumb appliance into a smart one is with a smart plug installation. A smart outlet allows you to, at the very least, remotely turn devices on and off. Granted, this will not allow you to enjoy the "gray areas" such as dimming lights and turning appliances into different settings. A smart plug comes in handy when you need to turn lights or fans on and off, for example. Forgot to turn off the lights before heading out for the weekend? Not sure? Check your smart phone or tablet to switch them off.

Pro Tip: Install a smart outlet and periodically turn lights on at certain times of the night while you are off on vacation. This will give potential burglars the impression that the home is occupied.

Smart Thermostat

Want to enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling your building's temperature and reduce your energy bills? A smart thermostat can help. Most smart thermostats come with automatic regulation systems that optimize the temperature. This can save you twenty percent or more on cooling and heating costs alone. You don't have to get out of bed or off the couch to turn the air conditioner down. Grab your smartphone and press a few buttons, then get on with your comfort!

Smart Locks

Don't you hate losing your keys, or having to make spare keys for guests? Even worse, what about having to clear your schedule and stay home so maintenance or service crew can come inside? With smart locks, you can lock and unlock doors from a distance. You can even give visitors, guests, or service crew a temporary code for entry. Advanced models include video footage to let you see who is coming in and out of your property. Best of all, the installation process is quick and painless. Mr. Electric of Atlanta has plenty of experience in this field.

Smart Energy Monitors

Let's face it: almost nobody scrutinizes their energy bills. Plus, there's not much information on that bill anyway. A smart energy monitor is much more detailed, allowing you to monitor energy usage in real-time. A smart home energy monitor installation can let you check which appliances or devices are draining pointless energy and adding to your electricity bill. If you have invested in solar panels, an energy monitor can track your solar panel system's energy capture.

Looking for Professional Smart Home Installation Services?

The thought of installing smart devices can be daunting. Not for Mr. Electric of Atlanta though. Our experienced and trained electricians can take care of the installation in no time. Explore our website to find available discounts and coupons before calling in to schedule a convenient appointment.

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