The Biggest Problems with Smoke Detectors

The Biggest Problems with Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are designed to save you and your loved ones during an emergency. Unfortunately, if the detector has been neglected, then it won't be able to perform its role properly. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy providing quality residential and commercial services for local clients, including smoke detector installation, repair and replacement in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities. Are you wondering if your current smoke detectors are ready to help defend your property against fires? Here are some of the most common problems that homeowners have with their smoke detectors, so you can improve your chances of success during a crisis.

Neglecting to Replace Batteries

One of the biggest problems with smoke detectors is the continued use of dead batteries. Some people assume that they don't need to swap out their batteries if their detector is hard wired into their electrical system. However, if a fire occurs when the power has been shut off or after significant damage has been occurred to the electrical system, a battery may be necessary as a backup source of energy. It's important to remember that batteries should be replaced at least once every year. Add this to your annual home maintenance checklist to ensure that it gets performed routinely.

Not Testing

While replacing the batteries once a year is important, they can still stop functioning correctly between your annual replacement. In addition, the detector itself could be damaged due to wiring issues or age-related deterioration. Be sure to test your smoke detector monthly to ensure that they are working properly.

Only Using One Variety of Smoke Detectors

Many people are unaware that more than one type of smoke detector exists. There are photoelectric systems, which can detect multiple varieties of fires and ionization alarms, which are much more sensitive to the presence of flames. Having both types or installing combination alarms will provide more defense.

Poor Location

Some people unknowingly reduce the dependability of their detectors by putting them in bad locations. For instance, placing a detector near fans or vents can blow smoke and flames away from the detector's sensors. Detectors that are near the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, fireplace can sound a false alarm due to excess moisture, steam or smoke. Also, many detectors become unreliable in temperatures that are higher than 100 degrees F, or lower than 32 degrees F. Keep this in mind when choosing proper placement of your units.

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