The History of Electricity

The History of Electricity

Electricity has become a major part of modern life and there is nothing we can do today without it. The modern experimentation on electricity began in 1752 when Benjamin Franklin use a kite experiment to determine whether lighting is electrical.

The Early Days of Electricity

The first documentation on the existence of electricity dates back to 500 BC when the Thales of Miletus accidentally discovered electricity by rubbing the fur on amber but it was in the 1600s that William Gilbert, the famous English physicist published the first theory on electricity in his famous book titled "De Magnete". Since this period, the next major publication on electricity was done by Robert William Boyle in 1675. In addition to Franklin's kite experiment in the 1700s, the first demonstration on the use of electricity was in 1882, when the first house was lightened with electricity in Wisconsin, United States.

The Evolution of Electricity

Long before electricity in homes become popular, the standard form of electricity was DC, developed by General Electric but later on, the AC version was discovered to be much better especially with the use of transformers that can convert higher voltages to lower ones safely and more efficiently. Though, some argued that the AC version was more dangerous with the battle reaching its peak at the 1893 Chicago World Fair, where General Electric lost the bid to power the event, to George Westinghouse that provided the Tesla AC electrical system. Eventually, the AC system was found to be cheaper to distribute and could supple even larger areas at once hence it was adopted as the new standard.

The Development of Wiring and Electrical Components

Bare copper wires and minor cotton insulations characterized the earliest home electrical wiring system. Most of the sockets, switch handles and fuse blocks were made of wood with no voltage regulators. By the year 1890, the main electrical insulations were knob and tube wiring with hot and neutral wires being run separately, and these were insulated with rubberized clothes that degraded over a short period of time. Wires were not grounded during this era, constituting serious electrical hazards. Wires were only grounded after 1965 to make homeowners much safer. Today GCFIs (Ground Circuit Fault Interrupters), has been introduced as a safer upgrade because it shuts power directly when there is electricity overload.

The Future of Electricity in the Modern Era

The future of electricity in the modern world is Renewable energy, which according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, is the fastest-growing option because safer, cheaper, and easier to utilize in homes. Today, the commonest sources of renewable energy that has created clean energy in homes and businesses are; Wind, Water, and Solar. Mr. Electric of Atlanta has remained at the forefront of providing great electrical services for homes and businesses. We do offer electrical installations, repairs and replacement services that are up to safety regulations and standards. Our competent electricians are waiting for you right now to give us a call at Mr. Electric of Atlanta for your electrical needs.

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