The Ultimate Lighting Guide for Your Business

The Ultimate Lighting Guide for Your Business

When it comes to your business being productive and successful, having proper lighting can make all the difference. Commercial lighting is forever changing, and if you don't have updated lighting, your business could be suffering from it, just ask the team at Mr. Electric of Atlanta! We can show you just how much of a role your lighting plays in your business. If you and your employees can't see your paper of computers properly, how can you get any work done?
If your business was built and started 20+ years ago and you haven't updated any lighting, you are in desperate need of an upgrade. In most cases, 20-50% of your business's budget is consumed by your electricity costs because you have old lighting fixtures in place. Think about how much money you could save each year if you upgraded to the following types of lighting:

  • LED's -- LED lights use 75-80% less energy and last 25x times longer
  • CFLs -- This kind of lighting uses 75% less energy and lasts 10x longer
  • Commercial fluorescents -- This is an overhead lighting option that could save you 1/3 of your electricity budget each month
  • HIDs -- High intensity discharge lights are much more efficient than your regular warehouse or commercial lighting solutions
  • Halogens -- Coming in at 2x more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, these are great for outdoor use such as security lighting
  • Sensors -- These are great options if you are looking to only have lights turn on when there is movement in a specific area of your business
  • Dimmers -- With dimmers, you can control how bright and intense your lights will be
  • Bi-level switches -- If you have multiple different workspaces that are used at different times, these kinds of lights allow you to have only half your lights on in any given room

Why You Should Update your Lighting

Now that you know the new and improved lighting options that are out there, the team at Mr. Electric of Atlanta wants you to see much each option is going to save you monthly when it comes to your electricity costs and how it will make your business much more efficient.
When you upgrade your lighting, you are gaining the following benefits:

  • Better lighting quality
  • Increase efficiency
  • Monthly savings on electricity
  • Decrease in your carbon footprint
  • Improved lighting systems and decrease in maintenance needs

Does Upgraded Lighting Make a Difference?

Whether you want to believe it or not, upgrading the dim, loud, and old lighting in your business makes a huge difference in your profits and sales. If your employees are less distracted by the humming the overhead lights make, and they can see their workstation better, they are more likely to get more work done each day.
If you're unsure what kind of lighting to upgrade to or you want help upgrading your current lighting system, give Mr. Electric of Atlanta a call! We offer a wide variety of electrical services to ensure your business is properly lit and won't be left in the dark.

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