Things Edison Taught Us

Things Edison Taught Us

In the world of electricity and innovation inventions, Thomas Edison is one of the most well-known names. Not only is this because of his wide variety of different inventions that we all still use to this day, but because of how his inventions still affect our modern world to this day and going forwards for eternities to come. Here at Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we are grateful for the attitude and approaches Thomas Edison took to bring electricians to where we are today.

When it comes to narrowing down the important things Thomas Edison has taught the world of electricians, it took us a while to narrow it down to the best lessons. Without some of these inventions, who knows where we would be as a society? Thomas Edison has changed the work of electricity in so many different ways, and his braveness and dedication to creating better, more reliable products such as batteries and cameras, is what makes his inventions so amazing and long-lasting. We asked the Mr. Electric of Atlanta team what the most important thing that Thomas Edison taught each of them, and these were the 5 most common answers…

5 Important Things Thomas Edison Taught Us About:

1. Incandescent Light Bulbs
Ahhhh, the light bulb - one of Edison's most popular inventions. While he didn't invent the first light bulb like most people think he did, he was the very first person to create the incandescent light bulb. What's the difference you may be asking? The regular light bulb only lasted a couple of minutes, but Edison learned how to make it light for hours - introducing the incandescent light bulb.

2. Electricity
When it comes to learning about how Edison took electricity to another level, he created what we now call dynamo technology. This technology allows direct current electricity to be delivered in large quantities to large areas. Edison created the very first commercial electric generator and distribution system that powdered a one-mile square radius in Manhattan. This made electricity accessible to everyone!

3. Phonograph
This Edison invention revolutionized sound recording. There were some machines around that allow you to record sound, but none that would allow you to playback what you recorded, until Edison invented the Phonograph. This invention led to the creation of recorded telecommunications such as books for the blind, music boxes, musical toys, and even portable music.

4. Motion Picture Cameras
After his phonograph invention, Edison wanted to take things a step further. That's when motion picture cameras came along. He took inspiration from the kinetograph which was a motion picture camera, and combined it with inspiration from the kinetoscope which was a peephole motion picture viewer, and created a studio for motion picture filming.

5. Alkaline Batteries
After experimenting with thousands of different metals hoping to create a better battery, Edison discovered alkaline. He used this material to create a lighter, more reliable, and longer-lasting battery. This was another one of Edison's greatest inventions and one that is still widely used in today's world.

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